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As far as comedians go, Bill Maher’s name has been at the top of the pile ever since he first entered the entertainment industry over thirty five years ago. Even though he first came to prominence as a comedic actor or a standup comic, he has since found worldwide fame as the host of his popular political talk shows, first with “Politically Incorrect” and then with “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

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Started from the bottom

Maher was born in 1956 and showcased a talent for comedy from an early age. Times were sometimes tough growing up, but he persevered, and soon after graduating from college, started to perform in various comedy clubs and bars around his town. 

His big break came when he became host at comedy club, ‘Catch a Rising Star’ in New York and followed this up with a series of appearances on late night talk shows for Johnny Carson and David Letterman. Finally in 1993 he was hired as the new host for Emmy Award winning show ‘Politically Incorrect,’ which went on for almost ten years.  

Shooting to the top

Even with his successful talk show, Maher likes to get involved in other projects as well. He performs standup concerts on a regular basis, and is set to head out on a comedy tour in the near future as well. If you want to be part of this exclusive show as well, then here is your chance. Book your Bill Maher Albany tickets and enjoy his performance, live on stage.