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When the name first came to the fore in the 60s, many questioned an African-American trying to gain recognition by getting cast alongside a white man, an unheard of thing. Today, people recall the magician who sent many a generation rolling in their seats with his unmatched wit. For a black stand-up comedian to gain widespread recognition isn't easy, to have his own highest-rated TV show is much harder, & to become a national icon...that is simply Bill Cosby. And throughout the journey, what distinguished Cosby was his earnest refusal to descend to staple diatribe-ridden racism jokes. Cheap Bill Cosby tickets sell as quickly now as they did in his heyday, standing testament to his undying popularity.

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About Bill Cosby

William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr. has mastered the genres of stand-up & situational comedy, and his biggest success came in sitcoms. He also has widespread experience of sketch comedy routines. Born in Philadelphia to a maid & a sailor, Cosby had to struggle through many menial jobs to make ends meet during his teenage years. An interest in sports further hampered his studies, so he dropped out, but while serving in the Navy & exposed to physical therapy sessions of Korean War casualties he made up his mind to pursue his education further. Cosby had a penchant for sparkling humor & his quirks in class/work caught the eye. He moved to New York & later toured many cities as a stand-up act. Given exposure on The Ed Sullivan Show & buoyed by the fantastic response to his 1963 debut comedy album Bill Cosby is a Funny Guy...Right!, he won widespread acclaim & a clutch of awards for the action series I Spy. Cosby then did two seasons of The Bill Cosby Show in the 70s, along with the Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids, which was based on his childhood & earned him his doctorate in education. Although he had some flops on the big-screen, Cosby's biggest success came in the 80s via five seasons of the situational comedy The Cosby Show. It was a smash hit & broke ground as to opposing cliches with the portrayal of a well-educated affluent African-American family. In the last two decades, Cosby has worked in a number of films, hosted Kid Say the Darndest Things, & acted as a spokesman for various social issues concerning blacks.

Cosby is a much-decorated comedian, having received Kennedy Center Honors & the Presidential Medal of Freedom among other notable prizes. His first major breakthrough was as an undercover secret-agent acting as a tennis trainer in the groundbreaking series I Spy. Not only did it make headlines for the casting of a black man alongside a white, but the sensational wit & great acting from Cosby earned him three straight Emmy Awards. Cosby's foray into music produced the hit "Lil Ole Man" from Silver Throat, yet he recorded mainly for his 21 comedy albums, seven of which won Grammys for Best Comedy Performance, including Revenge, Wonderfulness & Why Is There Air?. In the 70s, Cosby had a good run with The Bill Cosby Show, & started his long affiliation with children's entertainment with The Electric Company & the Fat Albert series. The 80s brought forth one of the defining shows in TV history, as The Cosby Show made him a household name & ranked #1 for a record-breaking five seasons, followed in 2nd place by Cosby's own A Different World. Kid Say the Darndest Things has been his highest-rated show in the last few years.

Cosby's non-offensive family-oriented content is one of the biggest factors behind the continued sale of Bill Cosby tickets. He has often stated his desire to steer free of racial limits on jokes so that he can foster harmony by making other races identify with essentially the same issues which he pokes fun at. New York's Seneca Niagara Events Center is his next destination.

Cosby has become iconic in his own right. Behind all the fun & frolic & light-hearted banter is the earnest desire to point out flaws in our everyday lives that we can ultimately laugh at rather than frown upon. An uplifting experience awaits those lucky enough to grab Bill Cosby tickets.

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