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The Second City is an enterprise of comedy which was formed in Old Town, Chicago. It was also the United States very first improvisational comedy troupe theatre. The premier show that was presented by Second City was “The Compass Players,” a show that was started by alumni of University of Chicago. It premiered at North Wells Street in 1842. The theatre was originally formed by Bernard Sahlins, Paul Sills, Howard Alk and Viola Spolin. The idea behind it was to form a place where shows will be presented in a more innovative form which will include satire and comedy according to the social norms of the day. If you wish to catch its present show, grab cheap Best of Second City tickets now!

About Best Of Second City Tickets

The Second City prepared a team and created a show by the name “From the Second City” and sent it to Broadway, winning a Tony Award nominee. In a very short time, the company grew a lot and formed another residence company as well as three new touring companies. Over the years, the style of comedy presented by the company has changed quite a lot; according to the demands of the new cultures and to keep things unique. The most interesting improvisation presented by The Second City is inclusion of the part where scenes are created right on the spot according to the choice of the audience. The second most exciting part is the improvisation in music that is performed live during the show.
The Second City had staged its very first show in a night in December in 1959. Today it is considered as one of the most prolific comedy theatres of all time. The company has always presented something unique, and when every theatre in the town was presenting material enjoyable to most of the adult generations, The Second City presented shows that attracted the young generation. A number of famous actors of today have made their debut from here as well and are today in television and film. The Toronto Theatre was opened in 1973. By the time mid 70s were reached, both the venues of the company had become SSTV and Saturday Night Live’s cast members source.
The Second City joined a neighboring venue and made it Old Town’s second resident theatre because the audience had increased by a large number and managing it all had become quite impossible. Overflowing crowd needed more space to attend all the famous shows that were being staged. In mid 80s the ownership of the company also changed. Sahlins sold it to Leu Stuart and Andrew Alexander.
Currently, The Second City produces television shows and theatres and has training centers as well. It also creates sketches shows for Norwegian Cruise Line. In 2000s the company started producing theatrical shows, bringing them to regional theatres all across the country. In the mid of 80s the company founded the Training Center. The aim of its creation was to train people in theatre and to arrange workshops. Since then, the training center has grown quite a lot and is currently known as the “Second City Conservatory.” In Chicago alone, there are about 1,800 students currently enrolled. A number of famous actors have previously been students of the place, such as Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Chris Farley, Bonnie Hunt and Hinton Battle.
After more than six decades of producing quality theatrical shows, now The Second City is presenting a series of the best shows ever. The show titled as the Best of Second City is going to include all the magical shows that have captivated the audience over the years. In order to be a part of the magic, make sure you secure your share of Best of Second City tickets before there are none left!

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