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Whenever you are gloomy, NEVER forget that with many out there contributing to your anxiety there are many who are there to make you happy. Funnily these people, Aziz Ansari, an American actor and a comedian, is known best for his antics on "Human Giant", a sketch show on MTV; the show created and at the same time starred by him. Talking of which, how can you forget that Mr. Ansari is now a host too and the title is given to him only recently after he hosted the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. It is also known that the man will collaborate with the famous American comedy director, Jason Woliner, to develop free films with "Freaks and Geeks" the producer Judd Apatow. As of now Ansari is featuring in the 2010 Television Critics Award Nominee for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy, the NBC series Parks and Recreation. One of the most prestigious and well recognized Time Warner’s magazines, the Entertainment Weekly also praised the stars of "Parks and Recreation" calling them the "Breakout TV Stars" of 2009. Time magazine named the series in the Top Ten TV Series in 2009.

About Aziz Ansari

The series has been praised all over and Ansari, the guy who plays the winning loser has certainly contributed a lot in this praise that is now flowing in from all quarters. Ansari is also associated with the series "Funny People" by Judd Apatow. (Let’s just call them laughter makers for now) are not just making others laugh as a service to humanity but are thorough professionals at that. What better way can there be, as it works for both you and the laughter maker. In general jargon these laughter makers are called the Comedians. They are the one’s that make you see the lighter side of your stress filled, daily grinds. And there is no chance that you talk of the comedians and you don’t mention your every own, Aziz Ansari. Not just the series he stars in but he as an individual who has won many impressive awards and the most recent and prominent of them all is the Jury Award for the Best Standup given to him at the HBO US Comedy Art Festival that was held in Aspen in 2006. Saddam, a lotion-kiosk owner, a fruit –stand owner with unexplainable biases against New Zealanders and a useless and lousy medical intern who plays with his cell phone all the time, Aziz Ansari has always been crazily funny in all the roles that he plays.

Ansari was also the first one to be casted in a documentary, a funny mockery, from the veterans of "The Office" a series that won 11.2 million views in 2005 in just one time slot. But it was the 2007 MTV’s Human Giant" that won the Indian-American a major cult following. It is Ansari’s playful grin and mischievous dialogue delivery which gives his characters admiration, even to the most creepiest and stupid ones. It is as if Ansari has the art to turn everything and anything into something that makes you laugh. With his wit and hilarity, the star is also gifted with the art of improvisation. He is well known to have improvised on his shows including one of his best shows "Parks and Recreation" and some say he does it so naturally that it feels a part of the original show itself. The Indian-American who has his roots from the south of India does not indulge in humor that is based on ethnicity but at times in a very funny manner gets started in Tamil language leaving the audiences roaring with laughter. A business graduate from New York, Aziz Ansari never thought he would pursuit a career in comedy at least when he left home for a boarding school to attend a Governor’s School in South Carolina.

But as time went by he lost much of his interest in the career on the corporate side. In his own words the stand-up comedian says that he was "too lazy" to apply for NYU. However it was this time around when he began his stand up performances at the comedy clubs in New York and after his graduation he saw himself hosting, "Crash Test in New York", his first comedy show, a weekly stand-up. Once started there was no turning back for the Mr. Witty who is now starring in films, documentaries, TV shows, series and along side is taking forward a successful career in stand up comedy shows. So get your muscles cracking with laughter and get Aziz Ansari tickets to fill your evening with laughter and laughter and some more of laughter. Get your cheap Aziz Ansari tickets only from us as we have the best deals for you!

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