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This 27 year old performer is a new sensation in the Stand Up comedy business. You may have seen him in movies like 'Funny People', 'Observe and Report' or 'I Love You, Man' or more recently, in the NBC show titled 'Parks and Recreation', playing the role of Tom Haverford. He started his career as a standup comedian back when he attended college in New York. His comedy show, delivered comedy sketches for two seasons successfully, by the name 'Human Giant'. Aziz Ansari recently hosted the MTV Movie Awards. After graduating from NYU Stern School of Business in 2004, Aziz Ansari paid more attention to his career as a standup comedian. In 2005, Rolling Stones rated him in their Hot List as Hot Standup. Aziz Ansari focuses less on ethnic jokes, which are what most standup comedians target. Instead he talks about different occurrences of his life and presents them in a hilarious way that keeps the audience laughing for the whole duration of his show. He believes this adds a personal touch to his performances. Aziz has been touring all over America since his career began with different artists. In 2010, he started a new tour titled 'Dangerously Delicious Tour'. The tour has received very good reviews and his acts keep getting funnier. Whether you want to ease that stress of yours or you just feel you haven't been laughing enough, get your Aziz Ansari San Francisco Tickets today and witness comedy entertainment at its best.

About Aziz Ansari San Francisco Tickets Tickets

Standup comedians have been an excellent source of comedy entertainment for the world since, forever. The stories that they tell can be related to and the way they tell us those stories is what makes them unique and it is also what makes us laugh till our tummies hurt. Aziz Ansari is one of those great people that have made a name in the world of standup comedy. He started his career as early as when he was in college. He graduated in 2004 and since then he has paid more attention to his career as an entertainer and has been very successful. Recently, he hosted the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. He is also playing a role in the famous NBC show 'Parks and Recreation', which comes from the producers of 'The Office'. Aziz Ansari has also played short roles in different movies. He has been touring the US and many other places since he started his career. Earlier, his tour “Glow in the Dark” resulted in a DVD compilation for Comedy Central. Now, he is touring again and he is back with funnier than ever jokes. His tour is taking him to various locations across the US and one of these locations is the Filmore. The Filmore is an old auditorium located at the Filmore Street in San Francisco. It is a prestigious place to perform at and Aziz Ansari will be performing there live. If you wish to be a part of the audience and have a laugh or two, or more, at Aziz Ansari's hilarious stories, get you Aziz Ansari Fillmore Tickets online right now.

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