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Aziz Ansari has made a name for himself in the world of stand-up comedy in a relatively short time. It was just a couple of years ago that his face, resembling a life-like ventriloquist dummy, started popping up on MTV. Claim some cheap Aziz Ansari Rohnert tickets to be entertained by his non-stop retorts.

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American citizens of colored ethnicity, especially stemming from Asian descent have been singled out from time to time through history. This ostracization becomes more pronounced if one is based in a southern state such as South Carolina. However, Aziz Ansari is living proof that even a person of South Indian descent can win over people with a shrewd sense of humor.
After honing his comedic skills through his involvement with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Aziz soon acquired sufficient mastery over his distinct standup routines to land a spot on Rolling Stone magazine's 2005 "Hot List" by being termed as the "Hot Standup". The Aziz Ansari Rohnert will be a sure shot way to feel his hilarious heat up, close and personal.
After garnering some mirthful mileage on his show Human Giant that aired on MTV in 2007, Aziz sought out some bureaucratic buffoonery on the NBC show Parks and Recreation that adopts the so-called "breaking the fourth wall" style to reach out to the audiences.
When he is not delivering his "Dangerously Delirious" jokes, Aziz can be found hounding his cousins Darwish and Harris via Facebook. So book some Aziz Ansari Rohnert tickets now to be amused to bits by his comedic twists.