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Going out of the way of the streetwise and raunchy styles of modern African-American comedians, Arnez J established his persona based on the traditional comic routines. Instead of focusing on the contemporary observational styles, he focuses on the classic improvisational style of comedy to entertain his audience. His comic act is mostly physical, exaggerating familiar personalities, he mainly depends on imitation. Arnez conducts his performances with great devotion and energy. His whirling performances include the devoted artist acting most of his bits while describing them. This standup comedian is bringing his phenomenal performance to your hometown now. Purchase Arnez J tickets and witness him making the deliberate effort to jump, slide, spin and slip on stage just to make his audience laugh.

About Arnez J


Born in 1966, Arnez J is deeply inspired by the classical comedians of sixties such as Red Skelton, Flip Wilson and of course Carol Burnett who is J’s favorite. He was very fond of her irreplaceable series "The Carol Burnett Show”. Even having belonged to a military family background, Arnez J was given the freedom to choose his career and shape it accordingly. Spending part of his teenage years in Denver and surrounding areas, Arnez developed a skill set in sports. He excelled as a baseball star and a trained basketball prospect during his time at the Aurora High School. Baseball was the first love of this comedian. Even after having such passion for the sport, Arnez could not win the much dreamed spot with the Philadelphia Phillies. He was charged for an untold, unknown crime and served time in the jail in the early eighties, which ruined his chances to play for the team.


Witnessing his dreams of sports stardom shatter in front of his eyes, Arnez was struck with severe depression that lasted for two years. Pulling his life together, Arnez was successful in landing himself a job at the Continental Airlines as a flight attendant. His passengers grew very fond of him as he made them laugh at his jokes. That is when Arnez realized his talent as a comedian. With peer pressure and a new sense of direction, he made up his mind to pursue his career as a comedian, professionally. This artistic impressionist once boasted to the writer of the New York Times, Kaufman that he can imitate anyone and everyone he studies. He started off his Comedy Act in 1990, trying his skills as a comedian at the Atlanta-area clubs. Initially, he was mocked for his performances but he stayed optimistic and determined. Only three months down the road and his performance was recorded to broadcast on cable television. His performance at Zanie's in Mount Prospect, Illinois was aired on the Showtime Comedy Club Network. Another five months passed and he was scheduled to perform for the network's Comedy Club All-Stars special - so much for a mocked performer!  


Progressing to programs like Black Entertainment Television's Comic View, ‘J’ found his niche comfort zone and started appealing to a racially diverse audience. He deliberately avoided profanity in his shows, which supported him in alluring the family oriented admirers as well. His shining career opened the door to his long lost love i.e. sports. In 1995, he got the opportunity to pursue both his dreams of being a performer as well as an athlete. Famed basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters recruited him. But unfortunately, he had to let go off his dream to become a sportsman, once again. Arnez endured a knee injury that restricted him to pursue his career in sports. He gracefully accepted his destiny to make a living as a comedian.


His positive approach towards his career landed him quite a lot of fame as a comedian. In late nineties, Arnez garnered television spots on shows such as A&E's An Evening at the Improv, Comedy Central's Make Me Laugh and Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam. He became the host of the show Comic View in 2002. J’s career development opened new horizons for the artist and he branched out to explore new activities. This multi-talented artist also starred in the movie Up Against the 8-Ball and hopes to make an appearance in many more. This incredible standup comedian is bringing his comedy acts to an arena near you. Purchase Arnez J tickets and take your family out to treat them to an amazing evening of comedy.


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