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Wish to meet star cast of the Emmy Award nominated series, Archer? Archer Live is coming to your town! The show will feature live reading of classic scenes from the series, a moderated discussion, followed by a Q&A session with the celebrities live. Archer Live tickets will give you a chance to get the inside scoop of your favorite show coming from the celebrities straight away. Wondering what kind of discussion could the comedy series generate? Archer is an animated comic show that revolves around the International Secret Intelligence Service. It brings forth different stories of ISIS employees regarding their work and gives insights into the routines of detectives who solve difficult cases.

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Do they use this skill positively during operations only or do they use it against each other as well? The thrilling stories get even more exciting when their investigation missions become just another excuse to undermine and betray each other. Each story is not just a simple case to solve but is internally tangled involving different characters and keeps the audiences engaged throughout the series. While Archer features the interesting investigation stories, Archer Live makes it even more exciting by including the excerpts from these stories. They are narrated to the audiences in the presence of the star cast and then a question and answer session follows that includes queries about the story and suggestions for a possible beginning or end.
The star cast includes H. Jon Benjamin in the lead role as Agent Sterling Archer. He is a well known, actor comedian and a writer and has a number of famous shows to his name. The list includes ‘Professional Therapist’, ‘Daughter of the Devil’ and ‘Jon Benjamin has a Van’. His role in this series is greatly influenced by Ian Fleming’s imagination of James Bond and has been portrayed as an egotistical, pompous and attractive individual. He searches for his biological father in the story that becomes a cause of growing tensions with his biological mother. Other characters include Aisha Tylor in the role of agent Lana Kane, Jessica Walter as Merry Archer and Amber Nash as Pam Poovey. Aisha Tylor has been a part of the entertainment industry since the mid sixties.

She appeared in the first season of Ghost Whisperer and is currently co-hosting a television show ‘The Talk’. Jessica Walter is an Emmy Award holder in the category of the ‘Outstanding Lead Actress’ and is known for her flawless acting. Amber Nash is recognized for her improvisation and plays the role of a Human Resources Head ad ISIS in the series. She is shown as the gossip queen in the series who makes each story interesting with misleading information of fellow employees.
Archer Live is going to be performed at the Verizon Theatre which is considered to be one of the most advanced indoor venues in the United States. Visitors from all around the world have complimented it to be ‘the theatre of the future’. It has a capacity to adjust more than six thousand people and is designed to conduct a wide range of stage productions including comedy, rock, country, family and Broadway shows.
It is the Verizon theatre’s comfortable and spacious seating arrangement along with upscale catering and corporate hospitality that ranks it up on the preference level in comparison to other venues. This year apart from featuring hot artist in live concerts it will be bringing on stage the exceptionally talented star cast of Archer in a show Archer Live. Cheap Archer Live tickets are available for sale and are the most in demand at the moment. So what are you waiting for?! Make use of the discount offer and get your hands on the Archer Live tickets now!

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