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Anjelah Johnson has worn many hats since her arrival in the entertainment world. The woman has booed stardust at fans as an actress; she has stuck around as a drop dead gorgeous model. Her skills as an NLF cheerleader are unmatched. Last but definitely not the least you all have loved her for her for her comic endeavors. F you are in for a break and up for a laugh then Cheap Anjelah Johnson tickets are the thing for you. His woman sure has some formulas that will have you laughing through the night. Anjelah Johnson will have you clutching our stomach making it unbearable for you to breath. What can be better than a night with light-hearted laughter, without giving it another thought just book your deals now. Rejuvenate your soul and revive your senses with a laughter therapy you sure won’t forget.

About Anjelah Johnson

This brilliant comedian opened her eyes in this world on May 14, 1982. This Taurian was born with the birth name, Anjelah Nicole Johnson. This talent machine is young yet versatile. Gifted with many talents, though she is most noted for her wonderful humor. She is one woman who can light up your evening and turn it into a memorable one. Things really changed for this sassy looking woman once she was casted as a comedian on the sketch comedy series Madtv. She appeared in the 13th season. During the show she created a hilarious character, Bon Qui Qui, a cheeky fast food employee. Not just that, fans loved her for the character where she played a Vietnamese nail salon employee, making it a point to turn on the Television sets every time this new comic sensation was on air.This Californian girl was born and raised in San Jose. Her parents were both devout Christians and made sure they engraved in their daughter the same Christian values they had in them. The secret of hr dark tanned beautiful skin is her Native American and Mexican American descent. Right after completing three years of college Miss Johnson moved to Los Angeles for pursuit of happiness. In order to establish herself in the world of entertainment she knew she had to move to the city of Angels, Los Angeles. She started off with showing her skills and rhythmic body movements as a member of the cheer leading squad for the very famous, much loved, Oakland Raiders. Her talent as a cheer leader was instantly recognized as she was named Rookie of the year and performed in Super Bowl XXXVII. The won the award in 2002, the road the road to success had just begun.

While at Los Angeles, Angela started taking a stand-up comedy class and performed one night. It was then that she realized her hidden talent and a natural flare for comedy that could knock people off the ground with delirious laughter. From there onwards she started thinking of pursuing a career in the field and started performing in churches, casinos and comedy clubs on a regular basis. She suckled success when her role in the standup comedy show MADtv went on air. She made her debut on the show in 2007. The show was followed by millions over YouTube, which made this damsel an overnight success. She received a cult-like following, where this Demy-God received more than thirty million views. Her role in the MADtv series won her a nomination for an Alma award for Outstanding Female Performance in a Comedy Television Series.

This multi-faceted woman does not believe in restraining her talents to any one field in particular but likes to stretch out further, and discover new horizons. Johnson has also been starred in films like, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeaquel in 2009. She was also casted in Our Family Wedding in 2010. She has also appeared in her own Comedy Central Special, "Anjelah Johnson: That’s How We Do It" which you can also find on DVDs. Fans have also witnessed t5heir favorite comedian in hit television series like, Ugly Betty and Lopez Tonight. Need any more proof of her talent or capabilities? Of course not! Anjelah Jackson tickets sell out like hot cakes so book your deals now!

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