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Alex Koll, a self described ‘funnyman and entertainmenter of variable power and speed’, is a rising star in the world of standup comedy. Alex Koll is not a newcomer to the stage – he has been performing around the country from Hollywood to New York for almost a decade and has a huge fan following. Over the years, Koll has also performed internationally, with one of his most memorable and famous performances being at the 2009 Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada. He has also appeared on Comedy Central’s ‘Live at Gotham’ and performed in front of jam packed crowds at The Bridgetown Comedy Festival, ComedyFest Vancouver, SF SketchFest, Rooftop Aspen Comedy Festival, and the Bentzen Ball. This start of the stage is set to perform soon near you, so get your Alex Koll tickets today!

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About Alex Koll

A man of many talents, Alex Koll has also appeared as an actor in independent productions, ‘Help Wanted’,’s ‘The Mary Van Note Show’, and an ad campaign titled ‘Kindness Brigade’. Additionally, he has been actively involved with video production, having produced several award winning films for Revision 3, Rooftop Media, Mav TV and a number of other organizations. Koll has also displayed his comedic talent as a writer, with articles being published in several prominent magazines. His comedic writings are widely available on the internet, and Koll’s mastery of content and satire have made his work immensely popular with readers all over the world.

In 2011, Koll released his debut album, ‘Wizard Hello’, which instantly propelled him to stardom. The album’s opening sequence features Koll explaining to the audience that he is indeed a real wizard and will take them on a magical ride through his world. The blend of originality and hard-hitting comedy makes Koll’s debut performance even more special. Having already established himself as a great storyteller, Koll goes on to dazzle the audience with genius one-liners, coming up with concoctions that have the audience gasping for air from all the laughter. You can’t help but wonder where he comes up with some of his stuff, and his absolutely perfect choice of words sets him worlds apart from other comedians and the more traditional style of comedy. As he pulls the audience into his mystical world where he talks to magical crystals, fights off giant lobsters and plays poker with a deer, Koll manages to hit the spot time and again with well crafted one-liners.

A dyspeptic, audacious comedian, Koll has created an elaborate fantasy world for himself with all the bells and whistles and doesn’t hesitate in taking the audience along on a wild ride. If there was a lifetime achievement award for ridiculous storytelling and exemplary whimsical comedy, Alex Koll would be in the running. His standup is strongly influenced by the likes of Mitch Hedberg and Zack Galifanakis, and is understandably bizarre and goofy.  Koll’s acts include weird plot twists, and he often heads off in a completely new direction. Despite these forays into the unknown, his imagination serves him well, and as long as the audience is willing to go along with him, Koll will not go out of style.

They say comedians aren’t poets – but they do have one thing in common: the skillful, artistic use of language to achieve a somewhat magical effect on an audience or readers. Alex Koll is one of the few comedians who have mastered the use of language with impeccable timing and delivery and clever one-liners that have the audience laughing till their sides hurt. Thanks to his far-reaching creativity, immense talent and extensive experience, Koll is always coming out with new material and never disappoints an audience. What makes Koll truly special is his unique style of alternative comedy combined with observational humor. This is a rare talent in today’s comedy performers, and makes the Alex Koll experience truly unique and unforgettable.

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