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What has often been derided over the years as typical British arrogance has been converted into an art-form by Al Murray. The Pub Landlord character has become as symbolic of popular British culture & theater as many of the ageless Shakespearean characters; though, admittedly, they both entertain in diametrically opposite ways. The xenophobic British landlord, with his quite hilarious glorification of all things British, is an ingenious invention that has helped Al Murray shine as one of Britain's best stand-up comedians. His routines are spontaneous, engaging & often interactive. Now a best-selling author & host of widely watched talk shows & a quiz, Murray has carved out a niche for himself. "The Guv'nor" will be drinking to your health with great gusto all through his Beautiful British tour, so fans with Al Murray tickets are advised to fasten their seatbelts for a memorable ride!

About Al Murray Tickets

Born in Stewkley, Buckinghamshire, in 1968, Alastair James Hay "Al" Murray inherited a rich talent in satire through his maternal forefather William Makepeace Thackeray, renowned for his immortal work Vanity Fair. Growing up as a diplomat's son, he graduated from St Edmund Hall, arguably Oxford's oldest college, studying history. Murray discovered his talent while performing with the renowned group, The Oxford Revue. He started touring with Harry Hill, Jim Tavare & Frank Skinner in the mid-90s after he had played Hill's "big brother Alan" on his TV show. The 1994 tour saw audiences first introduced to the Pub Landlord persona. Acting out a lower middle class pub owner who has a distinct dislike for anything & anybody foreign, especially German & French, Murray had the audience in splits with his trademark catchphrases & spontaneous remarks to audience answers, whom he encouraged to join in. Murray thrilled the Edinburgh Festival Fringe through the late 90s with his mind-boggling sound-effect impressions of guns & animals. Time Gentlemen Please was his first foray into television & the sitcom was a colossal hit. My Gaff, My Rules continued the Pub Landlord juggernaut that he had perfected. The character was the driving force behind the success of An Audience With... & various theater tours including ...A Glass of White Wine for the Lady and Giving it Both Barrels. His quiz show, Fact Hunt (a name based on a prop used in earlier sitcom) was a hit as well, along with his hosting of Live at the Apollo. Murray hosted his live chat show Al Murray's Happy Hour, which won the bald comedian a clutch of awards & was well-received. By this time, Murray was feeling too one-dimensional with The Pub Landlord character, & the success of Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder showcased his versatility.

Murray was nominated for the Perrier Award on four successive occasions at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest arts festival, winning the fourth time with his sound-effect impressions. Time Gentlemen Please first brought the Landlord, "The Guv'nor", on national television for two successful series till 2002. The high-grossing theater tours ...A Glass of White Wine for the Lady (2004) and Giving it Both Barrels (2006) were based on catchphrases of the Landlord. The Pub Landlord's Book of British Common Sense, published by Murray in 2007, consisted of the character's views of various political & social aspects of Britain & was a hit. Murray won a British Comedy Award for Al Murray's Happy Hour, & to his credit, he branched out away from the Landlord character later. He received an Olivier nomination in 2002 for My Gaff, My Rules.

Murray's set of comic skills is immense. His catchphrases like "All hail to the ale!" & "if we had no rules where would we be? France! And if we had too many rules where would we be? Germany!" are classics of The Landlord. Fans with Al Murray tickets have flocked to admire his witty responses & stage presence.

Murray is from that rare breed of comedians who have brought an immortal character to life. And while audiences are unlikely to ever stop laughing at the uncompromisingly "British" attitude of The Landlord, he has much more in his arsenal. And this alone provides reason enough to rush for your Al Murray tickets to catch the livewire.