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Comedians Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew will be joining hands this summer to put together one of the most exciting standup comedies of the year. The duo has performed together many times before. Though controversial, their partnership has always been highly appreciated by the fans of comedy. But it is the wild aspect of their performances that has made them most noticeable. Adam Carolla Dr. Drew Boston tickets can be found online for people in the Tristate area.

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This show will be no different as they take on cut throat tactics and outrageous subjects, leaving nothing to the imagination. Their talk on drug issues and mental illness has invited a lot of criticism. But it is their partnership that makes each of these topics so effective. Dr. Drew presents a take on rather cold and bitter topics, while Carolla takes on a more subtle and sweet approach. In any case, together they create the perfect comedy experience, providing the audience a pleasant break from their daily routines. 
Carolla is a popular television and radio personality, who made a name for himself by appearing in his very own talk show. He later went on to distribute the show in the form of a podcast. This eventually was named by the Guinness World Records as the top downloaded podcast. He first appeared with Dr. Drew in the radio show “Loveline” which immediately shot to fame. The dynamic comedy duo is now preparing for an exciting summer show to treat their fans with some unforgettable moments of laughter. So do not delay in buying the cheap Adam Carolla Dr Drew Boston tickets.