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The brilliance of Yo Yo Ma is coming to your city as he brings the beautiful sounds of his cello live for your ears. So come and purchase Yo Yo Ma Bethel tickets. Yo Yo Ma being a Chinese by birth was born in a family with a background in music. Both his parents were skilled in music and this led Yo Yo Ma to study the violin from a very early age. He has had the honor of performing in front of President Eisenhower and President Kennedy at the age of seven and also made his first television appearance when he was only eight. He has performed with world class orchestras from a very early age.

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About Yo Yo Ma Bethel Tickets

Yo Yo Ma has performed on important occasions such as the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty in 1986. Moreover he has not only performed a duet with Condoleezza Rice in 2001 but also performed at the inauguration ceremony of President Obama in 2009. He has also often been invited for press events for Steve Job’s company. In 2009 he was seen along Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
The genius of Yo Yo Ma lies in his versatility and his love for diversity. His Silk Road Ensemble is a perfect example of his belief that versatility is very important in music so that it appears fresh and ingenious every time. He plays around and experiments with different genres until he creates a marvelous blend that is soothing and appeasing to the ears. He sometimes plays along the lines of American Bluegrass music and then brings in a tinge of classical Chinese and this brilliant mix is what sets Yo Yo Ma’s compositions apart from the plethora of musicians performing across the country. So if your music senses are being tantalized just thinking of these brilliant melodies, you must purchase cheap Yo Yo Ma Bethel tickets right now.
Bethel is without doubt the hub of cultural activities. It attracts tourists from all over the world as it hosts a series of colorful events to take its visitors on an exciting ride. Yo Yo Ma’s performances are without doubt the best way to spend quality leisure time in Bethel, if you’re in the town at the time of his concert. His concerts dates have been announced, so plan a night out with your friends and attend his upcoming show. The artist will treat you to his incredible and touchy melodies. If you hurry you can still avail the discounts that are being offered at the moment.
Yo Yo Ma is bringing to Bethel his outstanding Silk Road Ensemble that comprises of musicians coming from various countries. This combination of extremely talented virtuosos is a treat for anyone’s ears. His performance will be wholesome and listeners will experience tunes from a variety of instruments. However the cello or “petunia” as it has been nicknamed by him is his best friend and it is a must in his every performance. Yo Yo Ma has come up with numerous albums, latest one hitting the shelves in 2011, titled “The Goat Rodeo Sessions”. For his astounding compositions and albums, the talented musician has won several Grammy Awards. From Best Solo Instrumentalist to Best Classical Contemporary Composition and Best Chamber Music Performance, Yo Yo Ma has won them all. In 2012 he also won the Polar Music Prize.
Yo Yo Ma is without doubt one of the most talented artists and cello players in the country today and his world class performances have earned accolades from the critics and fans alike. Music has no language and boundaries and Yo Yo Ma’s music and playing ability is a proof of that. Go ahead and buy your Yo Yo Ma Bethel tickets and rejuvenate your soul with timeless music.

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