Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Concerts for Kids Manny Tuba and the Magic Jukebox Tickets

The Canadian Orchestra based in Winnipeg Manitoba, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is renowned for providing exceptional musical experience for Manitobans. The Orchestra conducts more than 80 concerts each year and provides orchestral accompaniment and musical foundation to other arts groups in the province including Manitoba Opera, Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. Their upcoming show, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Manny Tuba and the Magic Jukebox is a wonderful opportunity for kids to experience live orchestral music. This is a must-attend event for you if you want your kids to enjoy the power of music in a fun-filled entertainment show while learning something too.

Buy Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Concerts for Kids Manny Tuba and the Magic Jukebox Tickets

About Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Concerts for Kids Manny Tuba and the Magic Jukebox

Established in 1947 with Walter Kaufmann as first music director, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is providing entertainment opportunities to Winnipeg’s residents for a long time now. It has evolved over the years, incorporating new musical elements while maintaining the traditional touch too. Current and eighth music director of Alexander Mickelthwate is determined to take it to new heights by hosting diverse music festivals and attracting people from all around the world.

The 62-year legacy of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is an integral part of rich cultural life of the people of Winnipeg. It entertains more than 100,000 people each year featuring unique and diverse musical performances ranging from famous pop, hip hop and rock musicals to classical ballets, operas and orchestras. It presents kids’ music shows as well as cultural and art exhibitions and family entertainment shows and has something to offer for everyone.

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra realizes importance of providing education and outreach programs to all Manitobans. Striving to promote symphony music among kids, it partners with local organizations and educational institutions and develops community initiatives. The program Musical Discoveries is specially designed for youngest audiences from Grade 1 to 3. Here kids discover magical world of music with excellent visual entertainers and a lot of other charming surprises. This highly engaging music festival is a learning experience for them leaving deep and long lasting impression.

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra presents Manny Tuba and the Magic Jukebox, the third performance in the Great-west Life Concerts for Kids series. Entertainer Mr. Mark joins hands with Manny Tuba and discover a musical jukebox. No matter what is asked from the jukebox, it comes up with the musical answer. With its magical and fabulous skills, it entertains the kids playing some of the unforgettable and legendary pieces of music ever created. This includes Gioachino Rossini’s William Tell: Overture, Alan Menken’s Under the Sea, Walter Murphy’s A Fifth of Beethoven and John William’s Star Wars. Magician Brian Glow and juggler Robin Chestnut will be there alongside dancers and musicians to entertain the kids.

Manny Tuba and the Magic Jukebox is also giving kids the opportunity to participate in musical fun-filled activities. They can make art and crafts, participate in rhythm ensembles and do round-singing. Before the concert, children can also meet the group of musicians, interact with them and touch and play the orchestral instruments themselves. So bring your kids to experience this fantastical live orchestral music in this interactive and engaging concert. Buy Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra concerts for kids, Manny Tuba and the Magic jukebox tickets and enjoy the family musical which will be an amazingly fun-filled learning experience for them.

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