Virginia Waring International Piano Competition Tickets

The Virginia Waring International Piano Competition is an annual event that encourages young musicians to promote their local culture. It aims to create an interest in music in the Southern California Desert region by providing many outreach and educational programs to young adults, children and budding musicians everywhere. They hold the piano competition each year, inviting not only the local talent, but musicians from all around the world. In this way, they want an exchange of talent to take place, with foreign techniques being integrated into their own style as well. These educational programs are offered in most public schools and community colleges around California. Moreover, they enable their students to have incredible experiences by sending the most talented to display their skill all over the world and the chance to play with different symphony orchestras around the country. Witness for yourself how the young musicians are encouraged and nourished by getting Virginia Waring International Piano Competition tickets.

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About Virginia Waring International Piano Competition

The annual piano contest is held at the Palm Desert in California. It is a huge event and is considered as one of the major piano concerts of the world. The competition has been divided into separate categories, one for the juniors who are under the age of 12, one for the intermediate level, who are between the ages of 13 and 17, and the last is the senior level in which performers between 18 and 35 are included. Each division in turn has a separate competition for solo artists and for concerto ensembles. Those who enroll as the concerto players are expected to play with an orchestra. The official piano on which all contestants play is a Steinway.
The contest has existed since 1978 and has since then provided a platform for all young pianists to come and launch their careers. This has proven to be not only beneficial for the pianist, but for the onlookers, coaches, orchestra around the country and the culture of California as a whole. Where the appreciation of classical music seems to be fading and people become more involved with popular culture, competitions like these keep the spirit of technical music alive. For many years, anyone could walk in to witness the competition without a ticket. With the increasing popularity and esteem of the competition, people do not mind getting Virginia Waring International Piano Competition tickets to see the show in person.
The show was the idea of Ms Hodges who wanted to provide young musicians with opportunities to kick start their career. The winners are provided with a wonderful opportunity; they get to play their own concerts throughout the country and some dates in Europe as well. Both solo and concerto players are provided the same chances, no matter which age category they come from. Over the years, winners have performed in classical music hubs of the world—Vienna Rome, Florida, London, and at the esteemed Carnegie Hall.
The competition is named for many musicians, composers and piano players for whom the desert was their home. Amongst these is Ernst Krenek. He was the Austrian composer who lived most of his life in Palm Springs. A section of the competition has been named for him as well, and the winner of that particular segment gets to play shows at Steyr, Austria and Vienna. This is sponsored by the composer’s widow.
The competition is supported by a number of organizations around California as well. “The McCallum Theatre” is one of the main beneficiaries who is involved in the selection of the winners. Other than that, “The College of the Desert” is also an active participant in setting up the show each year.  Other than that, the community as a whole also contributes to making the contest possible. It is considered a great honor to be a volunteer in this show and students everywhere help freely in order to gain college credits. They also provide housing to competitors who fly in from around the country and from other parts of the world. Other benefactors of the event are “the Annenberg Foundation”, the “Berger Foudnation” and the “McCarthy Family”.
A round of auditions is also held in schools everywhere so that students, who perhaps don’t think they are good enough, are encouraged to participate. Many young contestants are also given scholarships, no matter which division they are in. The contest is a brilliant showcase of talent, thus getting cheap Virginia Waring International Piano Competition tickets to see the show will be worth it.

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