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The brilliant production of Utah Symphony Romeo and Juliet brings to life the timeless tragic love story of Shakespeare on stage. Founded in April 1940, Utah Symphony is a full-time orchestra that performs in Abravanel Hall near Temple Square in the Salt Lake City.  The symphony has mesmerized more than one hundred and fifty thousand fans worldwide with its distinctively terrific performances. Among other highlights of the Utah Symphony’s season is the spellbinding Utah Symphony Romeo and Juliet concert that essentially portrays the silliness and seriousness of teen love and the similar emotions teenagers normally experience in their daily life. Needless to say, it is a brilliant production.

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About Utah Symphony Romeo And Juliet

The original Shakespearean dialect blended with some Hollywood action together delivers a high-octane production of Romeo and Juliet. You do not need to worry if old English is not your cup of tea because the precise acting makes it easy for audience to comprehend the language. Although Utah Symphony Romeo and Juliet is not new to many theatergoers, people still love to watch it because the directors keep on twisting the idea by employing a fine cast, impeccable choreography, amazing cinematography, wonderful soundtracks, dazzling costumes and a stunning backdrop. The fight scenes of this classic romance adaptation in particular are very well choreographed and the modern staging makes the show much more relatable to theater lovers.  
Romeo is one of the most well written characters of this evergreen Shakespearean classic. The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet has inspired many composers since ages. The sublime dance moves of the young attractive Juliet cannot be forgotten too easily. The story highlights the teenage love as the ultimate love, parental disobedience and suicide if parental interference grows. In short, the masterpiece production heightens the extremes of emotions, jealousy, love, hatred, desire and death.  The entire ensemble has also been honored with a standing ovation because the interwoven scenes are performed so magnificently across the stage. The cast is chosen very carefully, the actors fit best for their role and know how to enact the emotions of characters in an unusual depth. Keeping that in view, the performers never fail to delight their audience.  
Cheap Utah Symphony Romeo and Juliet tickets are the perfect gift for your girlfriend on a Valentine, so rush now to secure your deals today.  Right from the invigorating beginning to the tragic ending, the romantic drama will keep your senses fully engaged. The directors pay great attention to detail without diluting the authenticity of the play. You will simply become entangled in love with the famous balcony scene of Juliet when Romeo stands waiting for her against a moonlit backdrop. The two actors starring in the lead roles are essentially the hot commodities of the show. They bring to life the desire of destined love between them and the painful anguish of separation and tragic deaths. You will be fully immersed in the show as it is spectacularly accompanied with some exquisite music.
The brilliant orchestral version of Utah Symphony Romeo and Juliet concert on a Valentine weekend perfectly goes with the occasion. Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky have captured the true essence of love and tragedy in a grippingly emotional way. The eclectic mix of piano symphony by Robert Schumann further enhances the feel of the show. The vocals and the symphony magnify the magic on stage and bring a more personal feel to the production. You will love every minute of the show time, the performance has all the intensity and delicacy to portray the sense of loss and despair which is necessary to dampen your eyes in the house. Utah Symphony Romeo and Juliet tickets are the best option particularly if you have never been to a ballet before. You will be pleasantly surprised to watch the delightful musical arrangement and the heavenly tale of R&J unfold on stage live in front of your eyes.

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