USA Japan Goodwill Concert Tickets

USA-Japan Goodwill concert tickets can be found online for the charity concert taking place at the Carnegie Hall for the benefit of earthquake victims in Japan. The concert took place last year as well and is hoping to raise more money this year. The USA-Japan Goodwill concert is a charity show that first began in April of 2012. The objective of the show was to collect money for the benefit of the earthquake victims in Japan. The management has planned to reboot the show once again to keep the work for rehabilitation constant. Last year, the show was organized by Kaz Kojima, who arranged for artists like “The Westchester Chordsmen” and the “Goshiki Sakura Chorus” to perform for the donating audiences. This year also has a talented lineup; the “Violyre Sound Orchestra” and “The Far East Prayers” will be entertaining the crowd this time around. Buying USA-Japan Goodwill concert tickets will not only add to the good cause, it will also give you the chance to be part of an inspiring event that is working towards solidifying the relationship between the two countries.

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About USA Japan Goodwill Concert

The event will take place at the famous Carnegie Hall, which is an event venue located in the “Midtown Manhattan” area of New York City. The hall is amongst the oldest buildings of Manhattan, having been built in the late 19th century. Because of this, it has attained a reputation for being a musical venue of the highest prestige around the world, competent in both classical and contemporary music. The building is divided into different halls, including the main one. Each hall has been separately designed to cater to operas, symphony orchestra sounds, and other regular recitals. Each hall remains in function throughout the year, hosting an average of 250 shows annually. The Carnegie has had their personal management for a long time that creates its own marketing plan and has its own various performance arts programs. No outside company has resided in the hall since 1962. It has its own legacy and has become an integral part of the popular culture. The stories of its quality and its rejection of anything other than the highest of caliber have led to the joke that one needs a ton of practice before they can make it to Carnegie Hall. Therefore, it is fitting that the benefit concert take place in a building that is such an important part of American culture. Moreover, the inclusion of Japanese in the program and providing them with the best of venues to perform will further be a symbol of good terms between the two countries. People from both countries have been called out to buy USA-Japan Goodwill concert tickets to help rebuild the lives of those affected by the earthquake. The show is also hoping to be a representation of a responsible community and a globalized world with more awareness.

Last year’s performers were quite successful in playing their part to help raise money. The “Goshiki Sakura Chorus” impressed the audience with their disciplined take towards classical music. The orchestra came from the Arakawa Boro area in Tokyo, a place known for its cherry blossom trees. Thus, to honor the event and the USA-Japan friendship, they brought with them 3000 cherry blossom trees as a gift to the Americans and a sign of their amity. The gesture was so kindly taken that the orchestra was later invited to perform in Washington D.C. at the “Cherry Blossom Festival”. They have been invited to perform there once more this year.

The other group to take to the stage at the earthquake benefit concert last year was “The Westchester Chordsmen”. They are a New York based singing group that started out as a barbershop music band. They are an old group, first formed in 1953, and are well known and celebrated in the classical music industry. They are amongst the top barbershop music performers even today—they have been honored as members of the “Barbershop Harmony Society”. The group frequently tours all around the country twice a year. They even travel abroad for special performances. Performing at the USA-Japan Goodwill concert was one of their more prominent moments in 2012.

This year, audiences will also have the chance to buy cheap USA-Japan Goodwill concert tickets. In this way, the management is hoping to collect even more money than they did last year. Manhattan’s elite is especially been called out to attend and help spread the word to others in high end community who can generously donate.  Moreover, this is also a chance for fans of classical music to come together for a worthy cause. Tickets are being sold all around the country, and the word of friendship between then nations is also being promoted. 

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