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It is surely a band that has gained a hardcore following over the years and this group is the very popular and melodic Trans Siberian OrchestraTrans Siberian Orchestra has been active for almost two decades now and has sold over eight million albums worldwide. The Orchestra incorporates a variety of genres in its music and is famous for its live concerts. All rockers must be at the venue to watch it so get cheap Tran Siberian Orchestra Tickets from us for an exhilarating music experience!

About Trans Siberian Orchestra

Trans Siberian Orchestra was the brainchild of acclaimed music personality and producer Paul O’Neil who produced albums for various rock bands like Savatage, Aerosmith, Scorpions and AC/DC.  Paul joined hands with band members of Savatage namely producer and keyboardist Paul Kinkel, vocalist Jon Oliva and guitarist Al Pitrelli. Jon Oliva formed Savatage band with his brother guitarist Criss Oliva in the late 70’s’s, the band made popular albums like Fight for the Rock, Gutter Ballet, Hall of the Mountain King but the most popular work was Edge of Thorns, this was a great success. After the death of Criss in a road accident the band gradually started losing its popularity. Jon tried to revive Savatage and released albums like Dead Winter Dead and Poets and Madman but during this time he also started doing tours with TSO tickets and this proved to be a more fruitful venture.  Savatage is still doing music but all the members focus more on their Tran Siberian Orchestra venture.
Trans Siberian Orchestra primarily started as a touring band playing a unique kind of heavy metal and hard rock music that incorporated symphonic, jazz and classical music in the songs. Trans Siberian Orchestra also plays holiday music and neo-classical hard rock and progressive metal. The main permanent band members and composers include Kinkel, Oliva, O’Neil and Pitrelli. These musicians are accompanied by a long list of touring members like John Brink (vocals), Steve Broderick (vocals), Jennifer Cella (vocals), Tru Collins (vocals), Kristin Lewis Gormin (vocals), Bryan Hicks (vocals), Chris Caffery (guitarist), Alex Skolnick (guitarist), Angus Clark (guitarist), Jonny Lee Middleton and David Z (bass), Steve Murphy and Jeff plate (drums), Bob Kinkel (keyboards), Vitalij Kuprij (keyboards), Paul Morris (musician), Lucia Micarelli (violins), Mark Wood (violins) and Anna Phoebe (violins).
Trans Siberian Orchestra shows are truly mesmerizing as they inculcate full piece orchestra, pyrotechnics, laser lights, smoke and fireworks in their performances, and one interesting thing to note is that these elements are synchronized with the music. All this amazing setup and its synchronization with the music is a tedious process that takes around fifteen hours. The first album of Tran Siberian Orchestra was released in 1996, this was a rock opera called Christmas Eve and Other Stories, this album till dates the band’s highest grossing album. it was followed by two more Christmas themed albums namely The Christmas Attic and The Lost Christmas Eve. The band has also released two successful non-Christmas theme albums namely Beethoven’s Last Night and Night Castle. The latest album by Trans Siberian Orchestra till date is Night Castle.
Trans Siberian Orchestra has been ranked by Billboard magazine amongst the Top 25 acts of the last decade and most of their shows have received critical acclaim. Trans Siberian Orchestra regularly performs live shows during the holiday and Christmas season. People of the city you must go at the venue and witness spellbinding rocking experience, the only thing stopping you are the tickets. Select from our long inventory of affordable Trans Siberian Orchestra Tickets from us and we assure you that your experience will be nothing less than perfect!

The American progressive rock band, Trans Siberian Orchestra, came into formation in 1996 as a brainchild of producer, lyricist and composer, Paul O’Neill. Paul brought together Jon Oliva and Al Pitrelli from the band Savage, along with keyboardist Robert Kinkel to form the quartet. The ensemble is famous for its elaborate stage performances, which feature a string section, elaborate special effects and amazing light shows. To become part of the ensemble’s upcoming concert, get your TSO Christmas Attic tickets before there are none left in stocks. Before creating TSO, Paul O’Neill had worked with several notable acts like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Scorpions and Humble Pie. His association with music dates back to the early seventies, when he formed his progressive rock band, ‘Slowburn’.


In 1996, when he finally began the Trans Siberia project, Paul did not receive a positive response about the group’s rough music demos for their debut album. Regardless, he proceeded to release, “Christmas Eve” in 1996.” This debut album went on to become a smashing success and to-date remains the band’s best-selling album. The single, Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo 12/24, also became a hit and was featured on Savatage’s rock opera ‘Dead Winter Dead’. The Trans Siberian Orchestra released its second album, “The Christmas Attic,” in 1998.This album was a sequel to their first album, and the second in a proposed trilogy. The single, Christmas Canon, became immensely successful and garnered even more popularity for the album. In 1998, the ensemble performed live for the first time at a charity event for a children’s hospital. The following year, TSO released their third album, “Beethoven’s Last Night.”


In 2004, after touring for almost five years, the Trans Siberian Orchestra released its fourth album and the final edition of their Christmas trilogy. It was titled “The Lost Christmas Eve.” Incorporating the ideas of loss and redemption, the lyrics of the songs in this album used allegories of a rundown hotel, a blues bar, an old toy store and a Gothic cathedral to highlight the album’s message. The following year, the band combined all three Christmas albums and released them in a box set, called ‘The Christmas Trilogy’. In 2012, the album, “The Lost Christmas Eve”, was performed live for the first time. At the same time, their third album was also re-released as “Beethoven’s Last Night: The Complete Narrated Version.” A follow up spring tour followed in 2013. The tour saw the TSO in its best form, with massive pyro and light shows, spectacular special effects, amazing lasers and beautiful music.


The band began touring once again and after a few years of live shows and concerts, the ensemble went back to the recording studio and released their fifth album, “Night Castle”, in 2009. The album opened to rave reviews and debuted at number five on the Billboard 200. Within two months after release, the album was certified gold went on to become platinum. The first half of the album continues the storytelling tradition of the band while the second half pays tribute to the artists which influenced TSO. Their latest release came out in 2012, as a five-track EP titled “Dreams of Fireflies.” It debuted at number nine on the Billboard 200 and reached number one on the rock charts. Instead of telling one story in an entire album, this record had different short stories explained in each song. Now this distinctive music group is scheduled to appear in your city for a live performance. Hurry to get your Trans Siberian Orchestra the Christmas Attic tickets and prepare to become part of a memorable music extravaganza.


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