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They were the first major rock band to go straight to theaters and arenas without ever playing at clubs or having to be an opening act. Nor did this booming success ever allow them to have an opening act. Billboard magazine and Pollstar ranked them as one of the top ten ticket-selling bands between 2000 and 2010.  The band in question is none other than the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s The Christmas Attic is being rereleased this winter with bonus tracks and a vinyl edition. This is all in celebration of their latest tour and the live debut of The Christmas Attic.


The album’s tale is about an excited little girl who is scurrying to the attic of her house. She is trying her hardest to be quiet this Christmas Eve in fear of being caught red handed past her bedtime. In her attic, she discovers a trunk filled with ornaments, toys, letters, old records and a magical doorway. This leads to an unlikely but memorable adventure.


Despite having sold more than ten million concert tickets and albums, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is widely known for its complex concerts that include a light show, a string selection, moving trusses, video screens and effects synchronized to music. Once you attend a TSO concert, you’ll never forget it. This year, the Christmas Attic Tour is stopping in Pennsylvania, especially to perform at the Erie Insurance Arena just for you. Grab your Trans Siberian orchestra Erie tickets and be a part of a breathtaking live experience.


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