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The city of Toronto is going to be filled with beautiful music created by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Pink Martini. Both amazing groups will perform at the Roy Thomson Hall. Given the fame of both music groups, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Pink Martini tickets are selling out fast. These tickets are available at cheap rates so the fans are urged to get their hands on them soon. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra started off in 1922. The first concert by the orchestra was performed in Massey Hall in the spring of 1923. Massey hall was home to most of Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s musical performances and concerts. However, after 1982 the orchestra began performing at Roy Thomson Hall, which has been the permanent performance venue for the group since then. Toronto Symphony Orchestra was formerly known as New Symphony Orchestra, but the name was changed in 1927 and now the orchestra is associated with the city of Toronto specifically.

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About Toronto Symphony Orchestra Pink Martini

Toronto Symphony Orchestra has seen brilliant music directors since its creation. The current Music Director for the orchestra is no less talented and is known in the industry for his passion for music. Peter Oundjian joined TSO in 2004 and plans to stay with TSO for the foreseeable future. The Canadian born musician is proficient in playing the violin and has devoted his life to music. When Oundijan joined Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the group was in financial troubles. Oundijan used his skills and prepared the Toronto Symphony Orchestra musicians to put up marvelous concerts and performances. His guidance helped the orchestra get back on its feet and eventually got out of the financial rut it was in. Given the superior performance of the orchestra under Oundijan’s guidance, his contract with the company is extended until 2017.

TSO is widely respected in the field of music. The orchestra has always given heartwarming performances to its audience. According to critics, one of the best qualities the orchestra is the ability to transition from tone to tone. The musicians of the orchestra are all capable artists and possess the ability to change the dynamics of music with comfort and ease. The music created by the orchestra is said to be crisp and refined. According to fans, witnessing Toronto Symphony Orchestra in action is always a treat. Pink Martini will be accompanying TSO, to add to the breathtaking performance Toronto Symphony Orchestra promises to give at Roy Thomson Hall. Both, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Pink Martini are famous for their captivating live performances. Their unbelievable music and soothing live concerts is why fans are flocking to buy cheap Toronto Symphony Orchestra Pink Martini Tickets.

Pink martini was formed in 1994, by Thomas Lauderdale. The musical group is a collection of eclectic band members who are all masters at various instruments. Pink Martini plays music in several genres that include classical, jazz, classic pop, Latin and lounge music. Pink Martini is composed of various musicians who know how to create exceptional music by combining a lot of different instruments together. These instruments include piano, violin, the harp, trombone, guitar, bass, drums and cello. The combinations of these instruments create a beautiful sound that Pink Martini has mastered. Over the course of its career, the band has released seven successful albums. 1969 was the latest album released by Pink Martini in 2011. This album held a special surprise for the fans of the group in the form of Saori Yuki, who performed in five songs in the album. Fans of Pink Martini were thrilled at the guest performance in the album. Yuki is a versatile artist and she showed off her musical skills to the best of her ability. Overall the album was once again a huge hit with the audience. 1969 showed to the fans that Pink Martini does not lack in diversity and even after more than a decade in the music industry it still has something new to offer. The songs of the album were fresh and catchy and had a special charm that attracts more listeners. So without further ado, grab your chance to see both groups live on stage by buying Toronto Symphony Orchestra Pink Martini tickets.

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