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Time For Three tickets are selling like hot cakes as the locals are eager to see this first classically trained garage music band performing live. The ensemble consists of violinist Zachary (Zach) De Pue, Ranaan Meyer playing double bass and another violinist Nicolas (Nick) Kendall. The group makes their own compositions by arranging the material of Katy Perry, The Beatles, Justin Timberlake and Kanye West while playing music from Bach and Brahms. The band has performed everywhere from European festivals to Jazz clubs, Carnegie, Indy 500 and NFL games. Their video regarding anti-bullying, Stronger, was a great hit on YouTube and was featured on Huffington Post and CNN, inspiring students all over the world. Steve Hackman was the producer of the video and Brian Lazzaro served as the director. The music was given by Daft Punk along with Kanye West and Time for Three along with Steve Hackman brilliantly arranged the music.

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About Time For Three

The boys used to play music together in school just for fun and turned out to become an act of trio musicians. This charismatic group with a repute of endless enthusiasm, will be releasing their second record in 2013 and embark on their first tour to Asia. The group received instant attention in 2003 and since then has been entertaining the fans, coming up with numerous diverse engagements. The first commercial CD of Tf3 was released in January 2010 and was called ‘Three Fervent Travelers’. It was a huge hit and reached on the Billboard’s top 10. The self-produced CDs, We Just Burned This For You and Time For Three sold over twenty thousand units. Tf3 has been frequently heard and seen on different radio and television broadcasts all through the country. The band members claim that they don’t discriminate against any genre of music and they also say that if they like it, they play it. As the group tries to reach out to a crowd wider than the customary classical music, they actively include pop, bluegrass and jazz along with other genres in their concerts. So, all music genres combined in one with marvelous performance is what these boys are known for and if you want to experience the passion they bring on stage, book your Time For Three tickets in advance. Mark your attendance now at the event.
The boys also visit schools in each city where they go for concerts to encourage children for polishing their talents and love for music. Time For Three is very successful and the members enjoy their establishment while declaring that they had never ever imagined to have such successful career in the beginning when they first played together. You are sure to have a great time at the show as the guys are very impressive. They are the perfect example of a superb, classically trained group that includes the skills with newer sounds and older genres.  The band members playing violins are highly skilled, demonstrating their abilities to play that will truly captivate the spectators. It will not be an exaggeration to say that these band members are nothing short of awesome!  The group includes a rare blend of classical tunes with bluegrass and contemporary effervescence. Their music along with the performance is more than enough to lift up the spirits of anyone who listens to them. The boys are musically influential and their performance is soul reviving. So, you should book your tickets as soon as possible to hear the band live!
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A:You can get Time For Three Tickets on discounted rate still the date of the event. Avail the discount offer before it is too late.

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