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The Song Continues is a festival in which people with a talent for singing, or those who aspire to become performers are invited. Here they learn the many ways in which the original styles of singing and the songs themselves are preserved and explored. Different influential people have taken the responsibility to coach those who show up at these events. This season around, it will be Marilyn Horne, the singer after whom this festival was set up, Renne Fleming, a classical modern day singer, and Graham Johnson, who will come to grace the event. Carnegie Hall is responsible for setting this up, for this is the company that celebrates Horne’s legacy. If you want to learn more about the “art of song”, buy The Song Continues tickets.

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About The Song Continues

Marilyn Horne has been singer since early 1950s. She is a mezzo-soprano and sang opera. Back in the day, she was known for taking those roles which required a lot of breath control. She possessed the expertise to sing coloratura with great ease. Her first job was in “Carmen Jones” in which she provided the singing voice for the character Dorothy Dandridge.

She worked as a playback singer for a quite a while, and as a background singer in television commercials, sitcoms and the like. In the meantime, she would also record the covers of other popular songs and compiled them into a record form. At that time, they were sold merely in dime stores. After Horne gained a little momentum as a performer, she was given the role of a character named “Jackie” on the show “The Odd Couple”. Jackie was also her own nickname and so for a while, that is the name she began to be known by in the industry. She also began to make appearances on late night television shows such as “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. Her first opera performance in Los Angeles was on the production “The Battered Bride” for the “Los Angeles Guild Opera”.

Another person who will be guiding the audiences on classical music and its appreciation is Renee Fleming. Today, she has the status of being known as one of the top known soprano of the world. She has done so much for her craft and has contributed so much to the genre that she is often considered to be the “ambassador” for classical music in the country. While many classical singers over the years have been hauled specifically for their voices, she has broken those grounds and has come forth as a performer as well. She is known for her stage presence and her artistry as well as her singing voice. She has been presented with many awards and accolades all over the world for her work in classical music. Every year, Fleming is invited by many international opera stages and concert halls to perform for them. Apart from her work on the stage, she has also starred in many television shows and has sang on many radio channels as well. She appeared on “Metropolitan Opera LIVE”, and was the star of these series. Her concerts are often also televised all around the world. Among her more recent concerts to be aired was the “The New York Philharmonic Renee Fleming Series” which was screened on the CBS network.

Fleming’s voice is unlike any others and this is precisely why she has been invited by so many prestigious institutions and events to sing for them. In the modern times, this comes across as a huge deal because not many classical singers today are appreciated to this degree. In 2006, she was one of the performers for the “Nobel Peace Prize” ceremony. In 2008, she sang at the “Beijing Summer Olympics”. Moreover, also in 2008, she was among the performers who sang for President Obama’s inauguration ceremony. Later on, she even performed for Queen Elizabeth for her “Diamond Jubilee Concert”. One of her biggest achievements to date is that she holds the honor of being the only female solo artist to be the headliner at “Metropolitan Opera” on an opening night. The two ladies will be joining forces for the upcoming event. For those who are fans of classical music, The Song Continues tickets will provide them the opportunity of meeting two incredible stars from different times. Horne will bring with her the knowledge of the 50s and all that she has accumulated since then, and Fleming, of the present day.

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