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If you are a classical music fan then this is your chance to be a part of The McCallum Theatre Concert Band performance. Some of the best performers will be taking to the stage to headline an epic performance that will be remembered for ages. So grab The McCallum Theatre Concert Band tickets and watch this special performance live. The McCallum Theatre has been an integral part of classical music and performance landscape. The idea of a modern theatre began to take shape in the early part of the 1970’s. A few people from different parts of the Coachella Valley community sat together and decided that the place needed a new center that was to cater to performing arts.

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The McCallum Theatre Concert Band

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The McCallum Theatre Concert Band Mccallum Theatre Palm Desert Sunday
3/25/2018 3:00 PM

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The McCallum Theatre Concert Band Palm Desert Tickets

About The McCallum Theatre Concert Band

For that purpose they formed an organization and named it the “Friends of Cultural Center, Inc.” The  main thinking behind the concept was to create a venue that was to give the residents of the area their own center for performing arts where they could see and display their skills for the world to see. The group then had to come up with a way of raising funds to start construction. The legend Fred Waring joined the movement. He played a series of thirteen fabulous concerts which were all sold-out and the proceeds generated from those performances were to go towards the building of The McCallum Theatre Concert Band. The money raised was still not good enough for the completion of the entire project.
Up Stepped Terry Hahn a business man from Coachella who chipped in with a whopping one million dollars. Gerald Ford also joined the project and joined the ranks of the board of directors. It was his efforts than convinced Bob Hope to jump onboard and contribute towards the completion of the project. The McCallum Foundation played their part by donating a large amount of money. A few private donors also played their part in raising enough funds for the groundbreaking ceremony to be held in the year 1985.
After three years of exhaustive work The McCallum Theatre opened its doors for the general public in 1988. The early days of this stunning facility were marked by diverse events. Names like Johnny Cash and George Burns were headlined some of the concerts. Television greats like Oprah Winfrey and movie stars the likes of Elizabeth Taylor took part in events that were broadcasted to millions around the country on the small screen. The management decided to change the nature of those performances to more classical and that made the experience one dimensional. Revenues began to fall and by the time 1999 came around the theater was severely in debt. Things began to pick up again when it the think tank reverted back to the tried and tested formula of diversified performances.
The new president Ted Giatas played a big part in raising funds once again to make it profitable. He started off by teaming up with Jack Jones to feature in a sequence of funny television advertisements. That move worked to perfection and the change in direction made the viewers chip in with one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. The venue once again opened its doors to a diversified portfolio when it came to the kind of events being held and that led to another fifteen million dollars worth of donation to pour in. The McCallum Theatre has since played host to events of all kinds. It has always been a non-profit organization. In excess of four hundred people work as volunteers and support staff during on stage performances. It has become a tradition of sorts for the artists performing to sing the famous “green wall” after their shows.
One of the biggest attractions at the facility is its concert band. It has a collection of some of the most brilliant symphonic and orchestral performers on the circuit today. Their exploits have mesmerized thousands of fans over the years and that will once again be on show in the next season. So if you are into classical form of performing arts then grab your cheap The McCallum Theatre Concert Band tickets and watch them churn out a majestic performance once again.

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