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Here To Stay celebrates one of the greatest music collaborations in America, of two brothers Ira Gershwin and George Gershwin. The artistic legacy of the two talented musicians has had a great influence on the music industry and the artists who have emerged during the twentieth century. Here To Stay is a multimedia concert that will take a sneak peek at the life of these celebrated artists by sharing visuals, pictures and of course the award-winning music. George and Ira have created hundreds of amazing songs, movies and shows which create a history of their contributions. The symphonic show will feature some of the most precious visuals and songs from their work, as well as some new orchestra numbers. The Gershwins - Here To Stay tickets are among the highly rated tickets this season. Grab them and these amazing musicians will take you back to the nostalgic old age era of the astounding sounds.

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About The Gershwins Here To Stay

George Gershwin enjoyed an active career from 1916 till 1937. He is known for some of the best classical and pop compositions which have been used at numerous TV shows and films. Countless musicians from all over the world have re-recorded his compositions over the years. George wrote one of the most significant operas of all time, Porgy and Bess. His Broadway theatre work will remain alive for good. Gershwin has won a large number of awards over the years, including the solo awards as well as with his younger brother. The honors include the ‘The George and Ira Gershwin Life Time Achievement Award’ which was created by the UCLA during late twentieth century.
Ira Gershwin, George’s younger brother was a great lyricist whose collaboration with George turned out to be the best thing happened to the American music industry during the twenties. The two have created some of the unforgettable compositions. After his elder brother’s death, Ira continued his career which went on till 1980. He has written dozens of hit Broadway shows and operas. His mastery in songwriting earned him worldwide popularity and eternal recognition. He is still named among one of the best American lyricists and his book ‘Lyrics on Several Occasions’ has sold thousands of copies all around the globe. Some of the biggest hits by the pair include ‘The Man I Love’, ‘Embraceaable You’, ‘Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off’, ‘I Got Rhythm’ and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’.
Here To Stay would be headed by the famous American pianist Kevin Cole. Cole is known as the interpreter of the Gershwin Brothers and has played a major role in promoting the work by the legendary duo. He delights the Gershwins’s fans with fabulous music in the best possible way. According to the critics, ‘When Cole sits down at the piano, you would swear Gershwin himself was at work’. The Grammy winner opera singer Sylvia McNair would also be a part of The Gershwins-Here to Stay, bringing up another reason for you to attend this fantastic upcoming event. Moreover, you would be simply amazed by the tap-dancing sensation by Danny Gardner who’s dancing style cannot be compared to any other artist. His witty and creative dance moves will make you feel like dance on your seats with the beats.
The Gershwins’ bothers passed away many years ago, leaving behind the never sending music sensations for the real music fans. The re-creation of their work in a flawless way is definitely a great tribute to these music masters. The Gerhwins- Here to Stay has already attracted a large number of audiences and the count is increasing day by day. For our special customers, we offer cheap The Gershwins - Here To Stay tickets which can be ordered anytime.

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