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The musical Forgotten Carols by Michael Young & Company is kicking off a US tour, bringing its message of redemption and hope to the locals. The play was penned twenty five years ago by Michael Young who is the winner of an Emmy Award as televised producer and ex-host of Miss Teen USA contest. Christmas is just around the corner and this musical will be a holiday treat for the families and will turn out to be the season’s tradition. Attending this musical during Christmas is going to be a great celebration of the holiday. The Forgotten Carols tickets are high in demand as people wish to spend a good time watching a great play. It is an incredible substitute to the materialistic sounds and festivities of the season that frequently saturate our lives. This year The Forgotten Carols is celebrating its success by touring the South Eastern part of the nation for the first time ever. Excited for the tour, Young has been working and struggling all year to put the musical together for the upcoming holiday season and has not only shared his zest and enthusiasm for the songs and story but also holds gratefulness towards his team. In the past few years, the musical had been playing successfully and its spectators count up to more than a million. It is hoped that the musical becomes a spectacular new tradition among the south eastern population and attracts a million more fans.

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The Forgotten Carols

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
The Forgotten Carols Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center Midland Wednesday
12/13/2017 7:30 PM
The Forgotten Carols Gammage Auditorium Tempe Saturday
12/16/2017 7:30 PM

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About The Forgotten Carols

The musical is about Jesus and the wonder, telling the story through people’s perspective. The show is a woman’s modern-day story, whose life takes a new turn after a personal experience during Christmas break. The production shows a young nurse’s life, who sees Christmas as a worthless diversion until she is given the responsibility to take care of an old man. This gentleman thinks that he is more than two thousand years old. He promises that he has met people from the past, people from the Christmas story that include the innkeeper who flee Marry and Joseph away at the night of Jesus’ birth. The old man kept telling stories to the nurse and their connection proves to be a life changing experience for her. The musical leaves a great impact on audiences and they truly appreciate it. Young, being its producer is one of them who is looking forward to creating a religious movie on the concept.
The Forgotten Carols is a combination of the Broadway actors’ talents and local choir fellows. Audiences are in for a treat as the musical comes to their town. The Forgotten Carols tickets are selling like hot cakes, so all you locals out there must grab yours and watch a great musical during the break. According to the show’s producer, while the story of the musical serves to remind the crowd of the promise and hope that Christmas entails, the play’s characters also leave an impact on the spectators. The musical’s concept has changed thoughts, lives and hearts of the people who has seen it. During one of the productions of the musical, Young stated that, “When I went, I took a non-believer to see it, and I watched it completely melt his heart”. Songs such as Let Him In, He Was Here, Homeless, Will We Forget, among others, add to the show’s beauty.
If you want to watch a musical that spreads the message of hope and light, browse through our website and find some cheap Forgotten Carols tickets. It is a once in a lifetime experience that you should encounter as it will leave its mark on your mind and heart.

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