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Music has the power to take you back to the places where you first heard those timeless notes and eclectic symphonic arrangements. Whether it is a back alley in Morocco, or a cobbled street in Venice or the French Riviera; the right rhythm will harmonize itself with your senses and tweak them into a renewed state of perception. Over the past two decades, The Desert Symphony has earned a reputation for itself that entails creating an out-of-body experience for its listeners that has them being transported to distant realms, that are at times are more vividly imagined that they are starkly real. Their upcoming performance is beckoning you to a stream of musical consciousness to relive some of the most memorable movie moments of your life. The opening notes that set the stage for Star Wars to the musical pieces highlighting that intriguing plot twists in Lawrence of Arabia and James Bond, it will be a harmonic tribute to them all. So book The Desert Symphony Timeless Themes from the Films You Love tickets to take the plunge.

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About The Desert Symphony Timeless Themes from the Films You Love

True to its name, The Desert Symphony is based out of the Desert Cities of Southern California and comprise of musicians that have been drawn from the local musical entities. Hence, The Desert Symphony is a complete body of soloists, chamber musicians, recording artists and principal players that teams up with small groups of musicians that regularly perform with symphonies. Formed towards the end of the 1980s, The Desert Symphony has been striving for more than two decades to cater to the local community of the Desert Cities with high-class, quality musical performances that not only entertain the patrons but also serve to educate them and inculcate within them an appreciation of some of finest musical elements of classical and contemporary music. The Desert Symphony takes their operations a step further and routinely performs free concerts geared towards the children and the youth belonging to the rich ethnic mix of the region.
From its inception and up to two decades of its existence, The Desert Symphony was lead by the legendary composer, director extraordinaire Edwin R. "Ben" Benachowski. Born during the so-called Roaring Twenties, Maestro Benachowski got his first musical gig as a Band Master in the US Army, touring the Midwest and the South Pacific. His post army career saw him being admitted into the prestigious musical institution Julliard from where he went on to get a Bachelors of Science from Columbia as a well as Masters Degree soon after. Whilst being at the reigns of The Desert Symphony, he enhanced the body's presence by collaborating with many world-renowned musicians and composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Johnny Mathis, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Henry Mancini, Gloria Loring and Dionne Warwick. It is this eclectic legacy that will make availing cheap The Desert Symphony Timeless Themes from the Films You Love tickets a worthwhile decision by enabling you to take a tuneful trip down memory lane.
The Desert Symphony Timeless Themes from the Films You Love event will be much more than an off the cuff musical performance. It will weave together an orchestral masterpiece that will be embellished with themes from some of the most significant gems of cinema from Casablanca to Lawrence of Arabia, from everybody's favorite aliens in Star Trek, Star Wars. E.T. and Superman to the beloved MI6 espionage agent James Bond and across the Bridge on The River Kwai.
Through the person of Edwin Benachowski, The Desert Symphony has been honored with a whole bevy of awards. He was the recipient of the "Service to the Arts Award" in 2002 that was given by the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance and the following year he was recognized by the mayor of the City of Indian Wells for being an "outstanding citizen and cultural leader." In 2005 at the 9th Annual International Hispanic Awards, the Maestro had the Sol Azteca award bestowed upon him. After Maestro Benachowski's untimely passing in 2009, Gary Berkson took over as Music Director of The Desert Symphony and is a Julliard graduate himself as well. He has conducted for the who's who of royal figures and heads of state, from Queen Elizabeth II to Queen Beatrix and Queen Silvia. So book The Desert Symphony Timeless Themes from the Films You Love tickets to be wrapped in a tuneful tapestry of cinematic artistry.

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