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Instrumental music concerts often attract the attention of a large number of concert goers and music listeners each year. There are numerous instrumental acts that have earned the respects of their fans from all over the globe and among them are the two acts Strings on Fire & Assad Bros. Strings on Fire is all about violin and the duos unmatched talent of presenting it in form of a circus full of stunts as well as tango. While Assad Brothers on the hand, flaunt their talents when it comes to playing guitars skillfully. With their innovative and distinct way of meddling with that instrument, Assad bros have amassed a large number of following for themselves. Now for the limited time only, both of these acts are scheduled to share the stage for Strings on Fire Assad Bros concert. The two groups will be performing live with each other for their fans, and the whole experience would be something entirely new and unlike anything the fans have ever seen. So brace yourselves for their musical trip with Strings on Fire Assad Bros tickets.

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About Strings On Fire Assad Bros

In its own right, the violin stunt duo if Strings on Fire is the top most group of its kind in the world. The duo comprises of Michael Collins and Rachele Wildmare, and together the duo cooks up something that has made them a world’s leading duo of its kind. The duo saw its formation back in 2006, and since then till today both of them come a long way. Together they have performed at numerous venues all over the globe and have given more than a thousand performances worldwide. Moreover both of them have also been on three world tours and counting. The group’s act features circus stunts, fire, elements of physical theatre, tango and whole lot of violin playing that just adds up to the whole experience. The duo has introduced a new way and dimension of presenting their multiple talents on one stage, which in return creates something very unique for the entire audience.
For its remarkable work over the years, the group has claimed numerous awards and honorariums for standing out as a new form of live entertainment. The group ensures, providing the high entertainment value for each of their shows and also promises to give the audience a night they won’t soon forget. Strings on Fire also perform frequently on various corporate and private events apart from performing on a much grander festivals and live events.
Assad Brothers on the hand is a duo that comprises of the two Brazilian brothers, Odair and Sergio Assad. Together with their style of guitar playing, the brothers have set them apart from the rest by introducing expression, and quite a lot of innovation in their style of guitar playing. Music has always held a special place in the lives of Assad Brothers as they were born in a traditional musical Brazilian family. And later as they discovered their interests lying in music as well, both of them studies under the shadows of some of the best guitarists from the South American region. With their guitar playing, the Assad Brothers have set new standards for the guitarists; more over they’ve also introduced new music that could be played using two guitars. After seeing their unmatched talent, composers like Terry Riley, Astor Piazolla, Jorge Morel, Roland Dyens and Marlos Nobre have written a number of compositions for them.
The Assad Brothers have been playing guitar ever since they were very young. In order to further polish their skills, the brothers then studied under Monlina Tavora, a renowned South American guitarist and lutenist. The brothers kicked off their international career later after they won Young Artists Competition in Bratislava in 1979. Now as the brothers combine forces with Strings on Fire for a limited time, the resulting show is expected to be nothing but epic. So get your fix of quality music with cheap Strings on Fire Assad Bros tickets. 

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