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Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is holding a celebratory event called Spirited Songs: Celebration of Choral Music on its tenth anniversary on which it will present a ‘salute’ to, and cherish the beauty of human voice. Since the region is famous for its wealth of choral traditions, the event has been designed to involve all age group onstage as the Fox Cities features ensemble performances by the Lawrence Academy Girl Choir, White Heron Chorale and Appleton Academy. The show will throw light on the best qualities of each group while combining their talents and skills in an extraordinary choral performance. Fox Cities has aimed at serving the community’s educational, entertainment and cultural needs for generations. It values and promotes the performing arts which are crucial to a healthy community since they possess the kind of language that can elicit emotion and make people see, think, hear, feel and learn. 

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About Spirited Songs

Spirited Songs is being hosted to celebrate the culmination of this dream’s achievement through a medium that has been vibrantly known to the community since ages. Spirited Songs tickets provide a rare opportunity to choral music fans who will find themselves singing along to some of the most beautiful songs they know.
Appleton Boychoir, which is set to perform at Spirited Songs show, has been in practice since the last thirty years, training thousands of boys musically. These boys have travelled all over the globe, benefitting collegiate as well as high school choirs with their experience and setting examples for them to follow. In Appleton it is considered to be something to take pride in if a male can sing in his school choir, and over the last many years, the festival called Nine Lessons and Carols held by the Appleton Boychoir,  has become a much-anticipated event for every Christmas season. This festival has marked a gathering spot of excellence among different aspects of community life such as art, business and education. Boychoir members, being ambassadors of Appleton, have provided their friendly musical message to several countries. Their shared singing experience with people from other cultures and other boys has made a lasting impression on many young men and those who have heard them.  It is their mission to expand concert opportunities while building choir reputation as an art form, which they will bring to light during the Fox Cities celebratory event.
Among the choir groups performing at Spirited Songs show, Lawrence Academy Girl Choir is one that is known to provide excellent choral possibilities to girl of the Fox Valley area. By studying and performing high quality music, the girls come to develop certain vocal techniques, creativity, expressive artistry, music reading skills, alongside gaining an awareness of different cultures. The program has strived to establish an ambiance conducive to encouraging these young girls to pay respect to the abilities of others while they readily take risks in pursuit of individual growth such that allows them to continue their progress and development as confidant young women. The mission of Lawrence Academy’s Girl Choir strongly resonates with that of Fox Cities, as will be seen in the upcoming anniversary event.  
Another choir act that will perform at the Spirited Songs event is the White Heron Chorale, which goes back to the beginning of the eighteenth century and is known to play a wide range of musical styles such as folk, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, classical sacred, spiritual, madrigal and many others. throughout its many years, the Heron Chorale has been known for its outstanding shows as well as its nationally renowned groups including Dave Brubeck with his Trio, Musica Sacra of New York, Nick Page, Dale Deusing, the Trinity Irish Dancers and Margaret Hillis.
Among the organization’s favorite concerts and main works are Brahm’s German Requiem, Mozart’s Mass in C minor, Mozart’s Requiem, Bloch’s Sacred Service, Orff’s Carmina Burana and more. Spirited Songs event presents a rare opportunity for choral music fans to experience the talent of three extraordinary choral groups in one performance; just get hold of some cheap Spirited Songs tickets and be there.

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