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“There aren’t many musical sure bets these days as sure as a Mahler symphony from Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony.” This is what SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE has to say about this show.  The San Francisco Symphony performs classical music at a peak of excellence and perfection. Their melodies promise a lifetime commitment to their music. The SFS nurtures the innate need of music of its members. Every conductor, musician or guest artist has devoted themselves to their music. San Francisco Symphony Samuel Carl Adams New Work is an experience of this divine commitment and extraordinary music.

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About San Francisco Symphony Samuel Carl Adams New Work

In his final appearance of the season at Carnegie Hall, Michael Tilson Thomas plays the Ninth Symphony by Mahler. Since Tilson was thirteen years old he had been inspired by Mahler’s symphonic music. This performance is a tribute to Tilson Thomas’s lifelong love for Mahler’s music. Along with composer Samuel Carl Adams, Tilson Thomas brings Mahler’s symphony back to life.
Mahler composed his Ninth Symphony in 1909 after the tragic death of his four year old daughter. He had just found out about his heart disease before he wrote the symphony. The ailment took his life two years later. Hence, the Ninth Symphony is the last symphony completed by Mahler. It takes on a journey of a bold declaration of life and acceptance of death. In his symphony Mahler expresses the mortal nature of man sooner or later consumed by death. In expressing his understanding of mortality Mahler created music that made him an immortal in the history of music. This music inspired Tilson Thomas to begin his career with the San Francisco Symphony in 1974.
Since its inception in 1980, the San Francisco Symphony has won some of the world’s most recognized awards. Amongst these awards are Grammy Awards, France’s Grand Prix du Disque, Japan’s Record Academy Award and Britain’s Gramophone Award. Ever since Michael Tilson Thomas joined the Symphony has won eleven Grammys. The Mahler symphony recorded won seven Grammys. Mahler’s symphonic music by MTT is a treat for the ears.  It elevates the concept of classical music.
Over the years, the orchestra has grown and touched great height of success and fame. Quite a few distinguished music directors have led the orchestra like Henry Hadley succeeded by Alfred Hertz, Salome, and Der Rosenkavalier. After his Basil Cameron took charge and was later followed by Issay Dobrowen. Pierre Monteux was next in line and is a legend in the history of the Orchestra. Following his league were Enrique Jordá, Josef Krips, Seiji Ozawa, Edo de Waart, and Herbert Blomstedt. Herbert is currently the Conductor Laureate. In 1995 Michael Tilson Thomas became the Music Director. MTT took the orchestra to new heights of success. Under MTT’s leadership a new era of music began for the San Francisco Symphony.
Samuel Carl Adams finds his reason for existence in the San Francisco Symphony. The young Brooklyn-based composer creates enthralling and original acoustic and electro-acoustic music.  He has vast experience in the field of electronic music and jazz. Adams received commissions from The San Francisco Symphony, The Living Earth Show, The New World Symphony, ACJW (The Academy, a program of Carnegie Hall, Juilliard, and The Weill Institute of Music), The Paul Dresher Ensemble Electroacoustic Band and Mobius Trio.
His most recent work, Drift and Providence was with San Francisco Symphony under Michael Tilson Thomson. Adam added life to the symphony with his twenty four strings. His performance was electrifying and convinced the audiences that Samuel Carl Adams is a legend in the making. San Francisco Symphony Samuel Carl Adams - New Work is a timeless composition of classical music. Along with maestro Michael Tilson Thomas, Carl Adams adds his magic touch to the Ninth Symphony of Mahler. It will truly be the highest standard of musical performance ever witnessed. There cannot be a better way to end the season than with this work. For a night of divine music purchase your San Francisco Symphony Samuel Carl Adams - new work tickets now. It is the perfect evening you would want to share with your loved ones. You can even make the most of special deals offering cheap San Francisco Symphony Samuel Carl Adams - new work tickets. Witness the endless passion and love for music of the musicians and meet the artists creating a musical magic on stage for you.

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