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The San Antonio Symphony has planned a series of live shows in multiple cities and their next stop is your town. Witness the most melodious tunes this weekend as it performs in an arena near you. So do not wait and get your hands on the San Antonio Symphony tickets as soon as possible.

About San Antonio Symphony

San Antonio Symphony is not a new name for music lovers as their journey of orchestral performances can be traced back to 1939. It was formed by Max Reiter, a conductor from Italy who when moved to America, decided to bring his influence and background that was rich in operatic sounds and symphonies. For a long time the orchestra held the honor of being one of its kind in the state of Texas. Through Reiter’s efforts, San Antonio Symphony gained immense popularity and became known for its astounding compositions. The quality of music and the scope of composers and performers improved considerably over time. The first label recordings for the orchestra came out in 1967. Over the years certain financial difficulties were faced by the company, but it was able to overcome them and even today enjoys great success and fame.
The proud legacy of San Antonio Symphony continues and Sebastian Lang Lessing is the current music director, who is proudly living up to the name of his predecessors. Performances continue to bedazzle audiences across the country, so do not miss the opportunity of witnessing the orchestra live; buy your San Antonio Symphony tickets. The performance will be accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Young Orchestras of San Antonio. The orchestra also holds the honor of being a member of the International Conference of Symphony Opera Musicians and most of its members are part of the American Federation of Musicians.
If you are a music lover who relishes quality musical performances then San Antonio Symphony is going to be the perfect experience. The rich history of the orchestra guarantees a night of melodic and pleasing symphonies coming from experienced musicians. All this can be witnessed without draining your pocket so don’t wait and purchase cheap San Antonio Symphony tickets right here. The orchestra has been performing in San Antonio’s Majestic Theatre for the past 71 years and has provided its listeners with countless nights of peaceful bliss. It is coming yet again to hit the most famous venue in town and to give all music lovers a chance to enjoy incredible melodies. The orchestra has fresh and invigorating performers such as Stacey Storer who brings a new zeal and life to the tunes. Anastasia “Stacey” Storer joined the orchestra in 2011. She has been critically acclaimed for her talent for “nuanced phrasing” as well as her ability to create voluptuous tonal hues. With the San Antonio Symphony, Storer has toured all across Asia and Europe. Having a great passion for the art, she also teaches and trains young and aspiring musicians. Another regular and acclaimed member of the orchestra is Jeff Garza. He has been a part of the ensemble since 2004 and has been lauded as a performer who masters a rare authority. Serving as the principal horn for San Antonio Symphony, he is a famed instructor and chamber performer who has been featured as a guest musician in many orchestras.
San Antonio Symphony Orchestra has a roster that comprises of many skilled violinists that includes Bonnie Terry, Philip Johnson, Laura Scalzo, Andrew Small, Karen Stiles, Megan McClendon and Aimee Toomes, among many others. As San Antonio Symphony performs in your city, make sure you get your tickets in advance to mark your attendance at the concert. The orchestra feels that it inspires its audience with its vigor and rejuvenates their souls with the best of symphonies and tunes. Don’t miss it for anything.