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A highly renowned professional symphony orchestra, San Antonio Symphony has produced spellbinding live performances and shows for over half a century. Based in Texas, the San Antonio Symphony is considered one of the best orchestras in the country and continues to bring captivating shows throughout the year. The symphony orchestra employs a pool of talented instrumentalists, music directors and composers who work all year round to deliver exciting live concerts around the world. The Symphony plays at the grand Majestic Theatre that has a seating capacity of more than two thousand. Designed by John Eberson, the theatre is a registered National Historical Landmark. It was enlisted on the National Register of Historical Places in 1975. The Symphony has been playing at the venue as its home since 1989. This season, the orchestra will be playing a string of live concerts throughout the country. The audience eagerly awaits the San Antonio Symphony Inside Symphony performance. If you plan to witness a grand musical orchestra with friends or family, then getting your hands on San Antonio Symphony Inside Symphony tickets will be a perfect bet.

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Established in 1939, the San Antonio Symphony is one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the country. It was formed by Max Reiter, who managed to bring the orchestra under the limelight by inviting renowned musicians as guests and producing various world premieres of important symphony pieces. During the first season of the symphony, Max invited guest artists such as eminent violinist Jascha Heifetz to perform with the symphony. Within five years of formation, the symphony expanded at exponential rate and employed more than seventy-five professional musicians. In 1967, the symphony recorded with Mercury Records, marking another milestone for the orchestra. During the nineties, the symphony orchestra managed to bag several accolades from prestigious institutes such as 'Knight Foundation', the 'American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers', 'American Symphony Orchestra League' and the 'National Endowment for the Arts'. The symphony is known to showcase a large and varied selection of music every season. During the 2010-2011 season, the orchestra presented six Pops concerts, fourteen different classical programs, four Interactive Family Classic concerts and four shows in Young People's Concerts program. The season also consisted of special concerts that featured various guest artists including pianist Lang Lang.
Currently the Symphony house is led by Sebastian Lang-Lessing, who serves as the Music Director for the orchestra. The 2011-2012 season had seventy-two professionally trained musicians on board apart from John Silantien (conductor) and Akiko Fujimoto (assistant conductor).  All the orchestra musicians are a part of the American Federation of Musicians. They collectively represent the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians. The orchestra is also affiliated with the chorus, San Antonio Mastersingers, and frequently performs with them. The San Antonio Symphony also showcases a side concert every season in collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra of YOSA. Music Directors that have led the Symphony over the years include Larry Rachleff, Christopher Wilkins, Lawrence Leighton Smith, Francois Huybrechts and Victor Alessandro. Some of the renowned musicians that have been a member of the symphony orchestra are Bill Sinkin, Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio, Eric Rosenblith, Eugene Lacritz, Julius Hegyi and Max Dimoff.
San Antonio Symphony is renowned for showcasing breathtaking live music concerts. The symphony houses some of the most reputed composers, conductors and musicians who produce masterful orchestra pieces all year round. Every season, starting from late September to early June, the Symphony allures thousands and thousands of people from around the world. This season the San Antonio Symphony Inside Symphony concert is expected to be one of the top orchestra concerts throughout the country. Music lovers from around the world are trying to get their hands on cheap San Antonio Symphony Inside Symphony tickets. The audience can witness the San Antonio Symphony's talented orchestra musicians live in action as they embrace the stage to deliver exhilarating live show, by simply getting San Antonio Symphony Inside Symphony tickets and experience an unforgettable musical evening.

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