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Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Classical Mystery Tour tickets are out for grab for all those yearning to see the Beatles perform live.  The Classical Mystery Tour is a special tribute to the Beatles and a fabulous opportunity to witness live the performances of John, Ringo, George and Paul.  The tribute is specially for the album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album was a great hit and the first rock album that got the Grammy award for Album of the Year Nomination.

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About Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Classical Mystery Tour

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Classical Mystery Tour will bring you the best of Beatles; all their songs, exactly the way they were written and recorded. Jim Owen performs as John Lennon on piano vocals and guitar, John Brosnan plays as George Harrison on vocals and lead guitar, Tony Kishman plays as Paul McCartney on piano, bass guitar and vocals; and Chris Camilleri plays as Ringo Starr on vocals and drums. The background is provided by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, which is as significant and critical for the show as the performance by these artists.
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has a long and rich history of providing great quality music to the audiences all over the country. It has innovated and evolved over the years and incorporated the demand of the public in their presentations. The Classical Mystery Tour is also one such example. The orchestra started in 1896 and found fame under the direction of Victor Herbert. He was the one who introduced the orchestra in New York. The orchestra has seen and overcome very rough times including the global recession of 1907 but survived and renewed itself. By 1940 the orchestra had established itself as one of the best orchestras in America. Many world renowned and unrivaled music directors have led the orchestra over the decades. The leadership of the orchestra has included such legendary names as Emil Paur, Antonio Modarelli, Otto Klemperer, Fritz Reiner, William Steinberg, Andre Previn, Lorin Maazel, Mariss Jansons, Marvin Hamlisch, Sir Andrew Davis, and Manfred Honeck.
Honeck, the current music director of PSO was appointed in 2007. He has performed in many orchestras and for more than past fifteen years, he has been the Artistic Director of the ‘International Concerts Wolfegg’ Germany. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 2010. Under his leadership and guidance the orchestra has not only served by delivering fine music but has also served the popular demand of the public with finesse.
The players are all very talented musicians and when they come on stage, they are all geared up for not any less than thirty songs. They make sad songs more real and happy songs more sunny and captivating. Jim Owen started learning piano when he was only six. He was inspired by Beatles when he was eight and started playing as a Beatle when he was sixteen. He went for his first tour when he was only eighteen. In 1996 he first came up with the idea of playing with an orchestra and thus Classical Mystery Tour was formed.
Tony Krishnan is also an established singer and song writer. He learned guitar when he was very young and has been a member of the band Cheap Trix. He toured with Beatlemania and his performance as McCartney is the main reason for his fame. John Brosnan, song writer and musician, also started playing when he was young. He learned piano and later switched to guitar. He first performed as George Harrison in 2000 and since then he has toured several times with many different Beatle productions. Chris Camilleri learned playing drums from his father. He was inspired by Beatles at a very early age and formed the Beatles cover band. He has also played for many touring artists including Micky Dolenz, Peter Noone, and Joe Walsh. Together these brilliant artists are there to prove that yesterday is gone but not forgotten.
The magic of Beatles, experienced in the comfort of a concert hall is a rare opportunity that cannot be missed. Go back in time; charm yourself with the sound and music of live Beatles’ songs and enjoy the crowd cheering your favorite band. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Classical Mystery Tour tickets are on sale and it’s time for you to rejoice and indulge yourself in your favorite songs. Come with your family and friends for a beautiful and nostalgic evening and leave the concert humming your favorite tunes.

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A:You can get Classical Mystery Tour Tickets till the date of the event. Follow the directions and get them right away.

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