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The Ottawa Symphony Orchestra is a classical music group based in Ottawa, Canada. What makes it different from all the other groups of its kind is that it consists not only of professional players, but amateurs and students of music as well. It has a head count of about 100 musicians which makes it one of the biggest symphonies of the city. Together, they perform mainly the works of Canadian composers and celebrate national music. For this reason, they have been enlisted with the “National Capital Region” and are an integral part of their music community. Often abbreviated as the OSO, they have been active since the 1965 and continue to perform all over the world even today. To witness them in concert in the coming months, get your hands on Ottawa Symphony Orchestra Schafer tickets.

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About Ottawa Symphony Orchestra Schafer

The OSO as we know it today has a history that dates back way before 1965. The original group came together nearly 115 years ago, and it was by the early 20th century that they were able to perform on stage. This is why the modern version of the band is particular in paying tribute to music of that time and for following the styles that were set by the conductors of that era. Since the very beginning, the orchestra has worked hard towards one common objective: to promote Canadian talent. They make this possible every day by employing a large of musicians, giving everyone a shot of earning their spot in the orchestra. Moreover, it is not only the instrument players that are given jobs. When on their tour, they travel with a crew who set up the shows and work backstage. Furthermore, highlighting Canadian composers in their concerts encourages artistic development in budding  musicians. To advocate this vision and to include the rest of the country in their vision, they have started a number of educational programs. The OSO is known to present amazing learning opportunities through institutions like the “Ottawa Choral Society” or the “Ottawa Youth Orchestra”. They have also initiated the “University of Ottawa’s School of Music” which provides undergrad students with a comprehensive degree in music, recognized all over the world.
The OSO in the long run wants to keep the community at its focus. This is done by maintaining high standards, and to further achieve that, they make sure that their repertoire each season is as challenging as the one before. They have never taken the pedestrian approach to any concert and thus bring out the best in their musicians as well as they are made to play up to par each time. For emerging musicians, this would seem like a perfect place to start. With a helping conductor and a creative staff that provides constant coaching, each musician’s talent is brought out and polished.
The present conductor is David Currie. He has been a part of the orchestra since 1971. He started out in the business as a bass player at the “National Arts Centre Orchestra”. It was by the 1990s that he wanted to try out being a conductor. His first job as a creative director came was at the “University of Ottawa” in their main orchestra. This season will mark his 40th year with the “National Arts Centre”. This will also be the 30th year since he took the position at the University—one that he has maintained through all these years.
The OSO has often mentioned, when asked for their mission statement, that they not only want to enrich the quality of life of their community, but they also want to create appreciation of classical and symphony based music in the general public. They have made this possible through their outreach program, their educational courses, their mentor sessions, and their concerts. They also practice having faith in the local talent for most of their musicians come from the city of Ottawa or its many municipalities. They mainly choose their musicians from three categories. The first are the professionals who play or have played for the “National Arts Centre Orchestra”. The second are the university students who have undertaken any of the professional courses offered by the OSO and have displayed potential. The third category consists of amateurs who are not linked with any institution or outreach program but are highly skillful in their respective art forms.
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