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Prepare to indulge in a night full of elegance and sophistication as world renowned violinist Sarah Chang prepares to move audiences at her upcoming performance. Make your way to the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Sarah Chang show, if you wish to see her perform and remember to purchase cheap Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Sarah Chang tickets, to avail the best prices. Born in 1980 in Philadelphia, Sarah Chang is a popular American violinist. Her parents are of South Korean origin, but moved to Philadelphia in 1979 due to her father’s admission into the advanced music program in the Temple University. Sarah Chang started playing the violin publicly in 1989 when she made her debut at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. She was just nine years old when she performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra, after which she became known as the child star.

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About Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Sarah Chang

Looking at her potential, Sarah’s parents enrolled her into the Julliard School where she studied music till the year 1999 and after graduation joined the New York Philharmonic as a soloist. With this orchestra she performed throughout numerous countries such as China, Germany, England, Japan, South Korea, France, China and Netherlands. Apart from the New York Philharmonic, Sarah has also worked with the Berlin Philharmonic. She has also received numerous honors since a very young age, such as being invited in the 2004 Olympics to participate in the torch relay and then in 2005, when she had a chair dedicated to her at the Sprague Hall in Yale University.
Since Sarah Chang grew up in a family where music was promoted, Sarah became involved since a very young age. Her father obtained an advanced level music degree from the Temple University, while her mother majored composition from the University of Pennsylvania. Together they started teaching her single chord music since she was three. Sarah Chang was only five years old when she auditioned to get accepted into the Julliard School. She was accepted after she played the Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor. After graduating, Sarah started working with Dorothy DeLay before joining orchestral companies. Sarah then auditioned for acceptance into the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic at the naïve age of eight and was accepted by both these institutions. She then came out with her debut album at the age of ten, which was released by the EMI Classics Record Label Company. This album became a Billboard Classic Charts bestseller.
With this Sarah Chang was on her way to becoming one of the most successful child prodigies present. After the release of her album, Sarah started touring throughout the world, performing over one hundred and fifty concerts on an annual basis. In 2006, Sarah was named amongst the Top Eight Achieving Females present in the United States; a feat that she achieved at the age of twenty six years. Sarah Chang has performed throughout North America, Europe and Asia and has released numerous studio and live compilations over the years. She has released eighteen CDs and two DVD albums over a span of seventeen years and has received numerous awards. Some of these awards include the Avery Fisher Career Grant which she received in 1992, the Artist of the Year Award given by Gramophone Magazine in 1993, the Newcomer of the Year Award given by Echo in 1993, the Newcomer of the Year Award in 1994 presented at the International Classical Music Awards, the Avery Fisher Prize awarded in 1999 and lastly induction into the Hall of Fame of Hollywood Bowl in 2004. If you wish to watch this iconic violinist perform at an upcoming show, all you need to do is purchase Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Sarah Chang tickets immediately.
Sarah Chang is scheduled to perform at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre, which is an indoor auditorium situated in the city of Orlando. It will become a host to over twenty five hundred audience members who will enjoy a moving performance by the legendary Sarah Chang, along with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. Fans should consider attending the upcoming Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Sarah Chang show, by buying Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Sarah Chang tickets as soon as possible.

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