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Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Madame Butterfly is a performance based on Puccini’s acclaimed tragic opera from 1904. The three-act opera, with libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica, is based on John Luther’s 1898 short story by the same name. It is the seventh most performed opera worldwide and is considered to be a staple representing the standard operatic repertoire of companies. For this reason, opera director Robert Swedberg, has approached this classic work in the old-fashioned manner typical of standards from the opera repertoire, maintaining a sense of melodrama.

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About Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Madame Butterfly

Produced straightforwardly to the delight of the theatre-going musical minds, music director Christopher Wilkins’ score reflects wonderful harmony of score as he combines its lush notes with crispier Asian-sounding characteristics in music. Also part for the artistic team is Robin Stamper from Florida Opera Theatre who is directing the chorus. Another intriguing feature of this production is that the musicians will be seen onstage along with the singers, as opposed to opera tradition. The Philharmonic promises to give spectators a unique performance with a stage arrangement particularly suited to this drama, highlighting the vibe of intimate exchanges between the main characters. In addition, it features projected digital backdrops, designed by Lisa Buck, which compliment the theatricality of the production with imagery suggestive of the moon, mountain and flowers.
Owing to the exciting new presentation of this classic, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Madame Butterfly tickets have become all the rage among theatre-enthusiasts. The original Madame Butterfly was premiered in February 1904 in Milan at La Scala, where it was badly received even in the presence of prominent singers like baritone Giuseppe De Luca, soprano Rosina Storchio and tenor Giovanni Zenatello. It was later revised by Puccini, who split its second act into two further acts while making more changes. It was then staged again the same year in Brescia where it became a huge success. Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Madame Butterfly was initially performed in 2009, with the new experience of musicians playing onstage alongside the singers, and of course with the addition of graphic projections as backdrops. According to the director the strategically designed projections serve the purpose of augmenting the story while all other aspects are in place. The projections symbolically represent a rising and setting moon, a flight of mournful birds suggesting an impending doom and a ship sailing off silently into dawn signaling the sad demise.
The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, located in Central Florida, is the region’s resident professional orchestra that appears in more than a hundred and twenty-five every season. Its mission is to promote and foster symphonic music in the excellence of cultural leadership, performance and education. Since its foundation, it has initiated many collaborative community shows, partnering with the likes of Orange County History Regional Center, Back Festival Society for Winter Park, Stetson University, University Of Central Florida, Bethune-Cookman University, Orlando Science Center, Orlando Museum of Art, Florida Young Artists Orchestra, Orlando Ballet, Orlando Opera, and Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra. The Orchestra performs full-orchestra outdoor spring and fall community pops shows, in partnership with the municipalities of the region. Alongside it presents many different kinds of programming such as the Super Series that run from September to April, and comprises of ten performances, including five pops and five classical concerts.
The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Madame Butterfly performance centers on the American Lt. Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton who finds himself quite a stranger in the foreign land of Japan, where his obliviousness to the  local culture and others; feelings lead him to doom. The play essentially explores the dynamics of interactions between people to two different cultures where the sense of the ‘other’ is heightened by the notion of imperialism. At the same time the plot cuts through the psyche of a man as he travels through the emotional territories unexplored and unknown to him. This is a performance not to be missed, so hurry in and grab some cheap Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Madame Butterfly tickets.

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