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A tribute to one of the greatest performers of all time, Simply Sinatra is something to behold. It is a unique show that pays homage to Frank Sinatra the legend himself. For decades Frank was the star of the show, the media darling who captivated fans with everything he did so it is only fitting that once he passed away his legacy continues and is not confined to history books only. To watch Sinatra come to life right before your eyes grab your Simply Sinatra tickets right away for this is one show that no one can afford to miss.

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About North Carolina Symphony Simply Sinatra

The guy who plays Frank in Simply Sinatra is none other than Steve Lippia. Steve is one of the foremost vocalists and interpreters in the world today. He is a master of fusing classical music with the current pop culture to create masterpiece after masterpiece that have made him a household name. Steve has a lot in common with man he pays tribute to. Just like Sinatra himself Steve also comes from an Italian descent. Just like Frank, Steve also kicked off his music career as a young man performing in various variety shows to show the world he had the talent to make it to the very top. All that aside, probably the biggest thing both men shared is the fact both of them love to use words and music to tell tales. Steve’s fascination with all thing Sinatra started because of his mother who was a professional singer herself. His mother used to sing and play Frank’s song and that is what got Steve hooked.
Lippia started to sing choirs in churches when he was young and his impressive vocals landed him spots on the all-state chorus and the all-national chorus. Those stints eventually led him to perform at different variety shows which helped immensely in honing his talents. After finishing college he became a part time singer who didn’t have a band to back him. His voice was compared to Sinatra even during those days but it wasn’t something he has deliberately tried to hone. That resemblance was what laid the foundations for Simply Sinatra as we see it today. When Lippia decided to become a professional his big break came through his father, Joe, who knew the famous Anthony Fantozzi.  When Fantozzi received a tape of Steve’s recordings he forwarded it to Dante Barzotinni who was managing Frank’s son. From Dante the tape ended up going to Frank’s own music conductor Vincent Falcone who was so impressed by what he heard that within a year Steve was working with him conducting awesome orchestras around the country.
It was Falcone who gave Lippia a collection of original Sinatra competition when the time came to release his debut album. The Simply Sinatra show is a creation that was borne out of this collaboration. Steve has been a huge success since his early days. He has been touring extensively all around the year, headlining some of the biggest events. He now has his own group to back him up and together they perform at over one hundred shows ever year to sell-out crowds around the country. Simply Sinatra is a tribute show but it is different to other tributes. Ever performance pulls the audience back in time to re-visit and listen to some of the greatest Sinatra songs ever. Unlike a lot of other artists he doesn’t copy Sinatra, rather he does it in his own natural way by incorporation the modern music and combining with the classical one.
Simply Sinatra has been a huge success since its inception that has captivated everyone who has been luck enough to watch it live. Steve has been hailed by most as the “modern Sinatra” a compliment that he well and truly deserves. The event is on tour again so check the schedule and buy your cheap Simply Sinatra tickets at the first opportunity you get to see one of the greatest artists of all time entertain you even after his death in the form of Steve Lippia.
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