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North Carolina Symphony is presenting the famous Schumann Piano Concerto. North Carolina Symphony Schumann Piano Concerto is giving you an opportunity to enjoy the pure music, deeply touching melodies and brilliance of Robert Schumann in his romantic piano concerto. North Carolina Symphony is North Carolina’s cultural life’s most vital and respected component. Founded in 1932, it is the foremost symphony of the country that is supported by state. With sixty five full time musicians, the orchestra is fully devoted to bringing music to the entire state of North Carolina. It stages concerts, organizes performances, sponsors Youth’s awareness programs and serves as an outstanding music educator.

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About North Carolina Symphony Schumann Piano Concerto

North Carolina Symphony conducts over 175 performances annually which are widely liked and well received in concert halls, auditoriums, outdoor theatres and are famous among people of all age groups. 50 of these are devoted to students all around the state, creating in them awareness of symphonies and letting them interact with great musicians. Over the years, the orchestra has maintained its stature and sophistication and has earned the reputation for being innovative and entertaining. Its collaborative projects reach out to a variety of people in large and small communities. Under the direction of music director Grant Llewellyn since July 2004, the orchestra has been committed to provide excellence in music and promote the symphonies in both adults and youngs.

The orchestra has firmed its reputation for being a diverse orchestra by playing various genres and music types outside classical concerts. In 2007, the tour to Western North Carolina featured traditional folk music, fiddlers, banjo players and Cherokee flutist. The orchestra has released over seven CDs; the two most renowned among them include American Spectrum with saxophonist Branford Marsalis and concertos by Rachmaninoff and Medtner with pianist Yevgeny Sudbin. Another critically lauded recording is Sketches: 2004-05 with compositions of Terry Mizesko, symphony’s bass trombonist. Top soloists of pop and classical world have appeared and performed with the orchestra including Joshua Bell, Pink Martini, Lang Lang, Yo-Yo Ma, Yuja Wang, Ben Folds, Randy Newman and several others. The orchestra has also performed twice at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York, Orchestra Hall in Chicago and Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Year 2013 marks the 80th anniversary of the organization. Throughout these years, the orchestra has proved its significance benefitting a lot of people in its surroundings. The upcoming performances of the orchestra include Schumann Piano concerto, a romantic concerto completed by renowned pianist Robert Schumann in 1845 and the only concerto he completed. Schumann started one piano concerto in E-flat major in 1828, another in F major in 1829 and one movement in D minor in 1839 but didn’t complete any one of these. In 1841, he wrote his Phantasie, a fantasy for piano and orchestra and then added the intermezzo and finale to expand it into a full piano concerto.

Schumann Piano Concerto was premiered in 1846 in Leipzig. Schumann’s pianist wife Clara played the solo part and Ferdinand Hiller conducted it. The work employed a single powerful orchestral chord in the beginning and then a descending flourish takes one to piano’s entrance. The concerto is scored for two oboes, two flutes, two horns, two bassoons, two clarinets, two trumpets, strings, timpani and a piano. The work completes in three movements, an A minor Allegro affettuoso, an F major Intermezzo: Andantino grazioso and an A major Allegro vivace.

Schumann Piano Concerto has been played at several orchestras and is liked by huge audiences. The great color and variety of its theme, the fascinating melody, the regal tone and its exciting finish is what attracts most piano fans to this concerto. The starting and finishing of Schumann is incredible and the smooth flow of music from one movement to another touches hearts of the listeners. Being performed by North Carolina Symphony Orchestra’s brilliant musicians add more flavor and charm to this concerto. Buy North Carolina Symphony Schumann Piano Concerto tickets and enjoy the romantic piano concerto.

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