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The “New York Philharmonic Mussorgsky” show is a classical concert at its legendary best featuring Mussorgsky’s prelude to Khovanshchina, Prokofiev’s first Violin Concerto and Tchaikovsky’s sixth Symphony called Pathetique. All of these will be performed by violinist Lisa Batiashvili, and conductors Alan Gilbert and Joshua Weilerstein. This performance is essentially a celebration of Mussorgsky among classical era’s other recognized composers. The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, known globally as the NYPO, is a New York-based symphony orchestra that is counted among the five leading orchestra in the U.S., otherwise known as the Big Five. The orchestra, founded in 1842, is older than any existant symphonic institution in the States by at least four decades. In December 2004 it delivered its record-setting fourteen thousandth concert. The orchestra was already present in the times when classical music was at its creative best, it is no surprise to see it celebrate the Eighteenth century masters. New York Philharmonic Mussorgsky tickets are highly sought after among classical music fans who crave for fine melodies being played live by the the most refined artists.

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About New York Philharmonic Mussorgsky

Russian composer Mussorgsky, whose tunes will be the highlight of the upcoming “New York Philharmonic Mussorgsky” show, was part of the composers’ group known as The Five. He struggled to attain a distinct Russian musical identity which he often sought in deliberating defying the established and widely appreciated conventions of Western music. Being from the romantic period, he is today looked at as the innovator of unique Russian music forms. Several of his pieces were inspired by Russian folklore, Russian history and more nationalist themes, which can be seen in works like Pictures at an Exhibition, the piano suite; Night on Bare Mountain, an orchestral tone poem; and Boris Godunov, the opera. For quite many years, his works were mostly known in completed or revised versions by other recognized composers. It was only in the recent past that several of his most significant compositions were brought to life by being performed in their original forms. Some of these scores have now also been made available.
Among Mussorgsky’s most imaginative and more frequently performed pieces is his cycle of piano works that describes paintings in sound titled Pictures in an Exhibition. The composition, written in commemoration to one of his friends, is most prominent through Maurice Ravel’s orchestral arrangement. Another one of his best pieces is the orchestral piece comprising of a single movement called Night on Bald Mountain. This particular creation gained huge recognition in 1940s when it was performed in tandem alongside Schubert’s Ave Mariai as part of Disney film Fantasia. His other better known works include several songs such as Dances and Songs of Death, The Nursery and Sunless, all of which are part of the three song cycles.
Other important beginning recordings of songs by the composer were made between 1920 and 1940 by Vladimir Rosing. Yet other recordings have been done by Boris Christoff and Sergei Leiferkus. His works in general are strikingly innovative and stylistically Romantic, drawing heavily from Russian musical themes so that they assert a certain nationalist vibe. Mussorgsky has been a source of inspiration to various Russian composers among whom the most noted are Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitri Shostakovich, where the former reveals influence in his late symphonies while the latter has shown it in his operas. “New York Philharmonic Mussorgsky” concert will be quite a performance that will combine Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev.
His piece Khovanshchina, one of the three works to be played at the NYPO’s forthcoming concert is a rather obscure opera that was left unperformed and unfinished upon the maestros’ death. It was later on completed by Rimsky-Korsakov and premiered in Saint Petersburg in 1886. This opera caught the attention of Shostakovich who chose to revise it. “New York Philharmonic Mussorgsky” performance is one you just cannot miss. So book cheap New York Philharmonic Mussorgsky tickets and be there for an evening filled with classical brilliance.

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