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World renowned orchestra conductor and music director, Alan Gilbert brings one of the most promising and exquisite violinists Lisa Batiashvili to the historic hall of New York Philharmonic. This fantastic duo illustrates one of the momentous and moving symphonies of the past; the works of legendary artists Sergei Prokofiev and Luigi Dallapiccola. New York Philharmonic conducts two intense music opuses ‘Violin Concerto No. 1’ and ‘Il Prigioniero’ with Alan Gilbert and Lisa Batiashvili at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center. You can buy New York Philharmonic IL Prigioniero tickets to immerse yourself in the powerful symphonies of the 20th century.

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About New York Philharmonic Il Prigioniero

Known as Philharmonic Society of New York in its early years of commencement, New York Philharmonic is a New York based Symphony Orchestra. It was formed in 1842 by the founder and first conductor Ureli Corelli Hill with an aim of striving for the betterment and expansion of instrumental music. Today, the institution is famous for organizing mega music events and live orchestra shows that draw hordes of people and music lovers of the city and countrywide. The orchestra has gone through major structural and managerial changes at different time periods with various conductors entering, leaving and retiring from the official positions. At present, Alan Gilbert sails this music ship as its conductor.
Born in New York in 1967, Alan Gilbert currently holds New York Philharmonic as a conductor/music director. He made his debut with the New York Philharmonic as an official conductor in 2009. Prior to this position, Gilbert made several guest appearances in the orchestra. He became the first native New Yorker to be introduced as an official conductor in New York Philharmonic. With his profound vision and artistic sense, Gilbert marks a new era in the history of New York Philharmonic. He has been regularly holding music series, concerts and various other musical events in the house with artists around the world. Gilbert has been awarded with different owners and accolades for his continuous commitment and unconditional support to the contemporary and the classic music. With his endless efforts and devotion, Gilbert aims to take the classic orchestra and New York Philharmonic to the world level.
Acclaimed by her audiences and music companions alike, Lisa Batiashvili is one of the most favored and highly revered violinists. Growing up in Georgia, Lisa Batiashvili began to learn violin at the age of four from her father.  She enjoyed ongoing support from her family throughout her music career as both of her parents were musicians. Performing in several local events and shows from a very young age, Batiashvili got her major international exposure at the age of 16 when she became the youngest-ever participant and prize holder in Sibelius Competition. In 2003, she won the Schleswig-Holstein music festival. Besides this, she has also been bestowed with critical and prestigious accolades like MIDEM Classical Award and International Accademia Musicale Chigiana Prize. Proving her mettle and crafting her best, Lisa Batiashvili has been performing around the world with music artists such as Sebastian Klinger and Lawrence Power.  She now joins hands with one of the most popular conductors, Alan Gilbert, to illustrate historical masterpieces of Sergei Prokofiev and Luigi Dallapiccola at New York Philharmonic.
New York Philharmonic combines extraordinary talents of Alan Gilbert and Lisa Batiashvili at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center for the illustration of one of the most powerful and alluring works of the past century. With mastery guidelines of Alan Gilbert and unmatched music capabilities of Lisa Gilbert, New York Philharmonic proudly brings it’s wonderful and outclass musical presentation that features historic symphonies of ‘Violin Concerto No. 1’ and ‘Il Prigioniero’. You can get tickets from our website in order to confirm your participation for this mega event. Buy cheap New York Philharmonic IL Prigioniero tickets that fit your budget requirements and preferences. Gear up and be the first to get tickets to enjoy this amazing live Orchestra with your beloveds.

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