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Live concerts just got better with New West Symphony Vision of America tickets. Formed in 1995, New West Symphony is a professional orchestra that plays in the metropolitan region of Los Angeles. The orchestra has over thirty performances for above 50000 people in L.A and its surrounding regions. Every year, 15000 children get to see its live symphonic performance. Performers of New West are selected from different areas of Los Angeles who are professional players with a background of playing classical music. Many of the performing members are former session musicians for television, audio and film recordings and play for local orchestras other than New West Symphony.

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About New West Symphony Vision Of America

In 1955, Boris Brott founded it when two prominent orchestras, Conejo Symphony Orchestra and Ventua Country Symphony stopped operations. 2008 was a difficult financial year for New West and the artists voluntarily decided on being underpaid to help the orchestra survive. After Brott’s resignation in 2012, Marcelo Lehninger, who is a resident of Germany and Brazil, became the new artistic director. He is violinist Erich Lehninger’s and pianist Sonia Goulart’s son. Lehninger is famous as a very talented conductor of today’s generation. His performances have been an inspiration for developing musicians and people belonging to all age groups. His mentors are Leonard Slatkin, Kurt Masur, Marin Alsop, Andreas Weiss, Roberto Tibirica and Moche Atmon. He has led Houston, Boston, New West, National, Fairfax, Jacksonville and Hartford orchestras in the U.S alone. In Canada, he conducted the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, making it his 2011 debut. His upcoming performances include debuts with the Seattle, Florida and New Jersey symphonies in the U.S Berlin, Germany’s Deutsches Symphony Orchester.
New West Symphony is known to introduce children from a very young age group, third to fifth graders, to the world of live music. These concerts are designed for fresh minds and are meant to be interactive sessions. Children get to clap rhythms, practice American Sign Language, identify the period a particular piece of music belongs to etc. They are taught about the roots of modern music and are taken on a journey through time where they learn about Classic, Baroque, Romantic and Modern music. Introduction to pioneers of music like Beethoven and Bach is given while teaching them about today’s musicians so that they can connect to the sessions in a better way. An even more stimulating way has been developed by New West Symphony to involve these enthusiastic minds in orchestra playing. It is called ‘The Music Van’ and comprises of inviting third graders along with two adult companions for an exciting workshop. This workshop is aimed at teaching children about handling musical instruments and developing their interest in music through a very practical platform. For older children, ensemble trainings are arranged.

These training sessions not only focus on teaching children how to play various instruments, it also prepares them to have an ensemble performance in front of their whole school. Perhaps the most interesting of all these methods of introducing children to the world of music is the ‘Front Row Club’. Children attend these programs with their grandparents instead of their parents. The purpose behind this is to take them a generation back where children and their grandparents can connect over classic music. They also get to meet the orchestra backstage and talk to world-renown musicians and New West Symphony’s music director. New West performs at three halls on a regular basis. These concert halls are Kavli Theatre at Antoine Predock, Oxnard Performing Arts Center and Barnum Hall at Santa Monica High School. Around 2500 people form a loyal list of subscribers for the orchestra. New West offers six classical packages annually. Main players and guest artists from all over the world make occasional appearances. Thirty directors are part of the board of directors governing New West Symphony’s charitable organization.
When it comes to New West, it is not only people who are anxiously waiting for a show by their favorite orchestra, but those who desire to see a magnificent live performance are in for a special treat too. Fans of symphony orchestra can get cheap New West Symphony Vision of America tickets for their next performance. So, even if you are not a symphony orchestra fan, give yourself a break from modern music and experience the charm of classical music by watching this orchestra’s live performance.

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