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The National Philharmonic is a Strathmore based classical music orchestra. It was originally put together as a recording group but has since then evolved into a session and concert playing band as well. It was created by Charles Gerhardt, a producer for the record company RCA, who also became the creative head and conductor for the band. He collaborated with Sidney Sax as well to meet up requirements for an orchestra as suggested by the audience of Reader’s Digest. It is currently led by Pjotr Gajewski who is the musical director as well. This season, the orchestra will be playing the famous work of George Frideric Handel, “Messiah”. Earlier in the year, they released a studio recording of the oratorio as well. The original is one of the earliest recorded works to have combined operatic music with gospel. People with National Philharmonic Handel’s Messiah tickets will witness a modern interpretation of the classic choral piece.

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National Philharmonic Handel's Messiah

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
National Philharmonic: Stan Engebretson - Handel's Messiah Music Center At Strathmore North Bethesda Saturday
12/16/2017 8:00 PM
National Philharmonic: Stan Engebretson - Handel's Messiah Music Center At Strathmore North Bethesda Sunday
12/17/2017 3:00 PM

About National Philharmonic Handels Messiah

The orchestra has been functioning since 1964, way before they settled on the name they are known by today. In the early days, they were referred to as the “RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra”. They would record with other solo artists signed to the label on their albums, play as the house band, and record classical tunes to be sold as their own record as well. They later on went by the name “London Promenade”. This was because as this point, a majority of the musicians that were part of the group came from the “London Philharmonic Orchestra”. It was in 1970 that they finally became the “National Philharmonic Orchestra”. This title entailed that they select the absolute best to be part of the musicians. Thus Sax and Gerhardt went through several vigorous rounds of auditions to select the finest from London’s vast pool of talent. To set the bar really high, they made up the violin section entirely of band leaders and the concertmasters of all the leading orchestras of London. These orchestras were both the currently functioning ones, and those that have existed in the past. Some of the big names that were selected in this manner were John Ronayne, Lionel Bentley, John Brown, Bela Dekany, and Hans Geiger amongst many others.
When Garhardt took over concertmaster duties from Sax, the orchestra changed directions. It was now no longer just a RCA home band; instead they would play for other record companies as well. In 1974, they started working for “Decca Records” as well. During their time here, they recorded their version of Elgar Howarth’s “Yellow River Piano Concerto”. Later in the year, they performed for “Columbia Records” as well. The piece that the philharmonic will be performing in the coming month is Messiah. This is an 18th century work which included a number of religious Prayers and Psalms. This was performed in the form of an oratorio for the first time in Dublin, eventually moving to London. It was perhaps not as appreciated during its time as one would expect. But as time went on, it started to get more appreciated—today, it is known as one of the best choral works of all time.  
Handel’s contributions to Italian opera have been duly noted by music critics over the two centuries. He made the transition to the English language was closer to a fashion choice than an artistic one for the public taste overall had altered quite a lot. In this particular play, he uses several references form the gospel, quoting religious events and other ideas that the Bible preaches. Today, Messiah is played by many major orchestras of Europe. The “Royal Choral Society” often holds huge scale productions for this opera. Many other artists have also attempted to recreate this sound. A famous recording in this case is the one made by Sir Henry Wood who performed it with the Royal Choral at the “Royal Albert Hall” alongside Malcolm Sergeant.
The National Philharmonic is thus competent enough to take on this challenge. They not only have the skill, but also the versatility to adapt to the gospel style that this piece demands. In their time, they have played for popular artists and have had their work featured in film and television. They have played for John Williams in his compositions for the Star Wards soundtrack. Moreover, they often work with Jerry Goldsmith for the various films he is involved with. Thus buying National Philharmonic Handel’s Messiah tickets will be worthwhile for anyone who enjoys big band music.

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