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Max Raabe And The Palast Orchestra Tickets Tickets

Max Raabe is a singer and songwriter from Lunen, Germany. He is perhaps most known for being the founder and frontman of the big band Palast Orchester, with whom he performs. Together, they play their original music of a cabaret or old style versions of popular songs. The vision of this particular style was developed in Raabe when he was younger and would frequently watch German films from the 20s and 30s. A lot of these movies incorporated comedy along with the singing and dancing. Thus he was inspired to combine it all in a concert band form. Raabe continues to travel the world with the group, creating innovative and interesting shows along the way. To watch them in person, get Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra tickets.

About Max Raabe And The Palast Orchestra Tickets

Raabe did more than just watch the movies. With the record collection that his parents owned, he was able to study them from a very young age. He was particularly affected by the works of “Comedian Harmonist” and strived to have a career similar to theirs. He went to the “Berlin University of the Arts” to study music, choosing it as his profession. His original goal was to become an opera singer. And so in the early days, he met 11 other students who shared his vision and they started what is today known as the Palast Orchester.
In the early days, the ensemble would perform music that Raabe would put together, picking up sounds from flea markets. For almost a year the group perfected these tunes without a formal public audience. It wasn’t until 1987, almost two years after they had first been formed that they held their first big concert at the “Berlin Theatreball”. Although they were only the second act to perform, and were only to perform in the lobby, once they started to play, people from the main rooms and the ballrooms came out to hear them. Never before had the venue seen such a moment where their guests had all gathered to see a lobby performance.
Soon, the band decided to expand their audience. Up until this point, they would only perform vintage music. Now, Raabe started to write some original songs for them, and decided to include cinema music in their set list. Moreover, they started to take pop songs and turn them into tunes that could have belonged in the 1930s. More recently, they have chosen the songs of Britney Spears, Salt n Pepa, and Tom Jones to modify. Part of the reason they have chosen these artists is that everyone is familiar with their songs and they have discovered that when the audience has a sense of familiarity with the music that they are playing, they are more willing to stop and listen. Nevertheless, their own reputation has solidified enough over the years that they have garnered a loyal following who are willing to listen to their original compositions as well.
The group made their North American debut in 2004 in Los Angeles. Their first big performance however, was later in the year at “Carnegie Hall” in New York City. Their concert here was well received by the audience and critics alike. New York Times called it a fantastic show that revoked the essence of the times bygone. The orchestra was overwhelmed with the positive response that they received from the country as a whole, and this encouraged them to tour on a worldwide scale. During their time in America, they made a few recordings as well and collaborated with a number of singers and producers. Amongst the people who worked on their album is Annette Humpe, who is a producer and a well known lyricist.
Their recent album, “One Cannot Kiss Alone” has had huge success in both Germany and the United States. It has reached Platinum status in both the countries and all promotional tours have sold out completely. In addition to their American tour, the band also traveled through and performed in Israel. Their time there was documented and converted into a film, “Max Raabe in Israel”. This was played at the “Jewish Film Festival” and was given much critical acclaim.
After their tour in Israel, the band will be traveling to England where they will be playing at a number of festivals, most prominently the “Twinwood Vintage Festival”. They have also been scheduled to perform in Stockholm and in Portugal. Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra tickets for their appearance will be available through the rest of the season.