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The in born talent is nothing but a great gift from God and very few like Marilyn Horn are blessed with this talent. A noted Mezzo Soprano singer from Pennsylvania won the hearts of millions as she emerged into the media with her unique yet very professional voice. For her the combination of good voice, breath support and beauty of tone are the key issues to deal with while composing any piece of music. Her formal music studies took her a long way and helped her in becoming what she had become now. She gained her voice training from University of Southern California School of Music under the guidance of William Vennard and later took part in the vocal classes of Lotte Lehmann.

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Marilyn Horne Song Celebration

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Marilyn Horne Song Celebration Carnegie Hall - Judy & Arthur Zankel Hall New York Sunday
1/28/2018 3:00 PM

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During the 70’s era Marilyn was a distinguished name in the field of operas and singing as her glorious tenure is stretched to over five decades. Her first venture of dubbing Dorothy Dandridge’s voice in 1954’s Carmen Island has given immense hype to her career and the name just spread like a wild fire. Soon she became the face of the American Opera with her great appearances at The Tonight Show and The Odd Couple. Till that time he worked for a number of TV sitcoms as background singers and recorded songs during early 50’s era too.
As every great artist is acknowledged and recognized once by his hidden talent, same happened with Marilyn too. She was called by Igor Stravinsky for her singing ability and her great operatic career began in 1956 when she performed in the Venice Festival. She stayed in Europe for Gelsenkirchen Opera for three seasons and thus proved her talent to the opera lovers and producers. Gaining much appreciation from Gelsenkirchen Opera house she returned back to United States at San Francisco Opera to make her appearance in Wozzeck. Marilyn Horne Song Celebration made her unique in her own way and she was honored for her talent and love for operas. The skills of training the voice and rise and fall of the tone was all that made her go wild for with Marilyn Horne Song Celebration as her signature feature.
Marilyn Horne later joined the Australian Soprano Dame Joan Sutherland in his bel canto repertoire performances. Their first duet performance in 1961 at Manhattan was so successful that it was repeated in Carneige Hall too. Although Marilyn Horne has gained fame for Opera Seria roles and Bel canto yet she also tried singing contemporary and traditional popular songs too. Although Marilyn retired from the concert stage in 1999, yet she still performs at pop concerts occasionally. Marilyn Horne Song Celebration is one such venture that takes her name way forward in the field of music and opera singing. Her talent is much applauded and she tries to deliver this talent to the new generation with the promise to transfer this skill to the coming generations. Her love for recitals and vocal training is simply praiseworthy. Although she has turned 72 yet her passion for music is still ignited in her. She takes music classes at universities and is considered a distinction in her field by many.
Marilyn Horn Song Celebration is stated as a star studded magical evening with performances by the young singers who are committed to make their name in the world of music internationally. With the guiding hand of a great singer like Marilyn Horne, the music beats will surely impress millions. Marilyn Horne Song Celebration tickets will assure your entry at the evening worth remembering. Grab cheap Marilyn Horne Song Celebration tickets this season and surprise your loved ones with a musical gift they will applaud forever.

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