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Marcus Shelby Orchestra is now celebrating the world’s most inventive, prolific composer, Duke Ellington, from the start of his career in 1924 till he passed away in 1974. Marcus Shelby Orchestra the Legacy of Duke Ellington tickets are quite the roaring topic of town talk among jazz enthusiasts particularly Ellington’s fans. In his fifty years' incredible music, the artist wrote for the theater on Broadway, the Cotton Club, dances at Savoy Ballroom, while alongside composing sacred music, suites, tone poems, film score and ballets, among a host of other things. He is of pivotal standing in jazz history, and liked to simply call his music ‘American Music’ as opposed to labeling it by its particular genre, while those whose work impressed him were described as ‘beyond category’. He was the originator of more than a thousand composition that were frequently created in collaboration with other artists, in addition to which his oeuvre has also been quite extensive stretching to the largest recorded in jazz, with numerous extant edition of pieces that have now become standards.

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Owing to his innovative application of big band, or orchestra, combined with his extraordinary charisma and eloquence, he is vastly considered to have contributed in raising the perception of jazz music to a form of art on a certain par with various other traditional genres. After his death, his artistic reputation was only firmly established when Pulitzer Prize Board awarded him an exceptional posthumous honor in 1999. Bay area’s jazz genius Marcus Shelby has taken it upon himself, his orchestra as well as special guest artists to headline the all-star, specially curated, Marcus Shelby Orchestra the Legacy of Duke Ellington show, which will celebrate America’s jazz master’s legacy.
The musician whose works will be performed at the upcoming Marcus Shelby Orchestra the Legacy of Duke Ellington show, was skilled at band-leading, playing the piano, and most of all at composing. Formally known as Edward Kennedy Ellington, the artist was originally based in NYC, where he began to gain fame in the 1920s, soon coming to prominence on a national level through the appearance of his orchestra at the actively performing Cotton Club, which toured across Europe in the thirties, bringing him further recognition. Several musicians who were part of the Ellington’s orchestra, including saxophonist Johnny Hodges, have long been considered to be the most skilled and talented jazz players in their rights, but it really was Ellington who meld their abilities and potential into the renowned jazz orchestral unit as it stands in the history of American jazz today. Many members of this orchestra continued to perform there for several decades. In addition, the maestro, who was particularly skilled at creating miniatures for three minute record format, frequently composed pieces specifically to suit the skills and style of individual musicians, good examples of which include Jeep’s Blues, and Concerto for Cootie for Johnny Hodges and trumpeter Cootie Williams, respectively.  
After 1941, he collaborated with pianist-composer-arranger Billy Strayhorn, whom he often referred to as his ‘arranging and writing companion’ to compose several complex extended compositions also known as ‘suites’, alongside shorter pieces. In 1956, he appeared at Newport Jazz Festival, following which he experienced another big career revival, along with his orchestra, and soon took a few world tours. He mostly recorded for American record companies, and appeared in many films, among which he scored several while also composing stage musicals.  He also recorded tracks his band-men wrote him including Caravan by Juan Tizol, and Perdido that introduced big-band jazz to Spanish Tinge.
Gunther Schuller has described Ellington as possibly one among half-dozen greatest musicians of the twentieth century. Marcus Shelby Orchestra the Legacy of Duke Ellington concert will present the most alluring highlights of Ellington’s career, hence the most beautiful jazz melodies you have heard. So make sure to grab Marcus Shelby Orchestra the Legacy of Duke Ellington tickets, jazz up and be there to be enchanted.

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