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How good is Mozart’s opera, Don Giovanni! Ever since its first production, it has left everyone in awe but listen to what Gustave Flaubert, a French novelist, considered to be one of the greatest novelists of all time, has to say about Don Giovanni, the sea, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “the three finest things God ever made”! No wonder then that the opera is seventh most performed in the world, and has become part of standard operatic repertoire, the world over! Now that this classic opera is coming to your beautiful city, Los Angeles, you need to watch it, as opera does not get better than this! Don Giovanni Los Angeles is a must watch show of the year!

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A two-part opera, it was premiered in 1787, before an audience at the Prague Italian opera, which is presently known as the Estates Theatre. Ever since, it has become a sole point of attraction for various philosophers and writers, the world over. One of the greatest features of this opera, beside the fact that it is composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is that it is a fine mix of supernatural elements, melodrama, and comedy. In art parlance, it would be classified as “dramma giocoso”, or an opera which mixes the comic with serious action. Don Giovanni Los Angeles will by loved by all quality opera watchers.
Due to the opera’s global appeal, everyone wants to watch it. But due to the limited seating capacity, no matter how big the venue, not everyone will be able to. So buy your Don Giovanni Los Angeles tickets today!

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