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It started as a soothing and uncomplicated epic children story about hobbits, their peaceful mode of life and traditions, called the Hobbits. Later, it became an adventure of a complex and serious nature, where evil dark forces also sing in their creepy hissing voices. Written by J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings is the all time top rated fantasy novel. The story has inspired over 150 million people already and has been adapted for theater, radio and film. The musical adaptation of Lord of the Rings started in 2006 in Toronto, Canada. Its musical book was written by Matthew Warchus and Shaun Mckenna. The audience turnout was massive and it became a theater spectacle in no time. You must watch this satisfying and captivating musical; so order your Lord of the Rings Tickets now.

About Lord Of The Rings

The story takes place in Tolkien's fiction land called Middle-earth, where a young hobbit named Frodo Baggins inherits the Ring from his father but is unaware of the truth about it. Gandalf, the old wise wizard discovers that this is that notorious Ring which has disrupted the piece of Middle-earth and wants Frodo to take it away as Sauron will soon be drawn to it. The small boy of great courage takes the responsibility to destroy the ring as the rest were scared of being tempted by all those unspeakable powers. Frodo is willing to give up the comfort of his hobbit life just to fix the situation and most of all, to make Gandalf happy. He leaves with his friend Sam and two cousins. They depart for this dangerous journey where they would soon get deprived of guidance and help from Gandalf.

Gandalf's friends know the situation and they have promised to keep the little hobbit secure but would of course not ever want to touch the ring. Frodo is scared, reluctant to trust anyone and has a long distance to cover on foot. The Saurons agents, the black rider, are after Frodo on their dark horses whose sniffing power is as strong as that of bloodhounds. It is for you to find out if Frodo accomplished his mission or the black riders confiscate the ring from him and help Sauron get become the sinister and powerful Lord of the Rings. This three and a half hour long musical comprises of 3 acts and is certain to satisfy your thirst for suspense, thrill adventure and of course, music. The tale of the long lost Middle-earth, extinct, hobbits, dwarfs, elves and ever existing evil will enthrall you entire family.

The cast of the musical is heavy, it exceeds 60 actors and you will like how much they resemble the original charaters of the novel. James Loye has done the role for Frodo Baggins for the original and Toronto cast, Malcolm Storry played Gandalf in the London cast. The original cast also includes Richard Henders, Jerome Pradon, Owen Sharpe, Brain Protheroe, Peter Howe, Time Parker, Michael Hobbs, Rosalie Craig, Andrew Jarvis, Kirsty Malpass and Sevan Stephan. Christopher Nightingale, A.R Rahman, and Varttina combined to compose this brilliant music of the musical. It is music of the musical which will grab you first and leave you last, if you ever forget it. A World Tour is planned for Lord of the Rings musical very soon. which is another tag to its tremendous success among the theatergoers.

Lord of the Rings, the book, has taken its readers to those deep trenches and turns of the world that may not exist for many. But this story will always be retold whenever it comes to battle between good and the evil.

Even if you have read the book and watched all three parts of the film, you will definitely have a brand new experience of this theater spectacle. You will learn many useful theories about life and its temptation from this perfect family adventure. Don't think anymore, just order Lord of the Ring tickets as soon as possible and treat yourself with the timeless tale of Gandalf, the wise wizard, Frodo the courageous young hobbit and Sauron the vicious vile creature of the dark world.

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