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Musical concerts are an excellent opportunity for people to come together with their friends or family in order to enjoy a night full of some exquisitely executed musical performances. If you have been thinking about attending an upcoming concert full of quality music then you must look no further than the upcoming performance by the talented Ken Cowan. He is regarded as one of the most popular organ players in North America, having conducted numerous tours throughout the continent over his career. He is especially popular in his native country of Canada as well as different parts of the United States where he has had the honor of performing. His live performances are amazing and you can ask anyone who has been lucky enough to see him perform live over how good he is.

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Ken Cowan

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Madison Symphony Orchestra: Ken Cowan & Lisa Shihoten Overture Hall At Overture Center for the Arts Madison Monday
10/23/2017 7:30 PM
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About Ken Cowan

Ken Cowan's love for organ playing started from a very young age and he has spent his entire life trying to perfect the art. His musical brilliance and talents have brought him to the fore of organ music throughout the globe. Considering the amount of skills required to play the keyboard organ that he has become so good at goes to show how good he is and to get a chance to see him do it right in front of your own eyes is quite an incredible opportunity. Chances like these do not come around very often and when they do, they must be availed. All you need to do in order to ensure that you will be present among the audience when this talented musician takes to the stage is to book your Ken Cowan tickets at the first chance that you get because tickets to his events usually sell out really fast.
Ken Cowan was born in the city of Thorold in Canada. He has been an avid organ music lover ever since a very young age and as a result of the talent that he possessed, he was able to graduate from the Curtis Institute of Music located in Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s degree and he later went on to study at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music from where he graduated with a Master’s degree. At present, he is regarded as one of the most demanded concert organists throughout the world and his incredible routine points towards just how famous he has become throughout the world. Every year, he conducts several performances which are staged in different countries. As a result, he is always on the move as he continues to perform at some of the most iconic concert venues located in different continents which includes locations in North America as well as Europe and Asia.
His recent performances include the famous appearances he made at the Walt Disney Concert Hall located in Los Angeles as well as concerts which brought him to the country of Germany as well as several performances in Korea. Ken Cowan is recognized by the famous American Guild of Organists located in New York City. He is also respected by the Organ Historical Society, having played at a number of their yearly conventions. If that is not enough then it would be wise to mention that he is also a decorated member of the Royal Canadian College of Organists. His most recent solo musical releases include Ken Cowan plays the Great Organ and Ken Cowan Plays the Romantic Masterworks. He has also had the honor of working with some truly incredible organists throughout his career which includes his collaboration with fellow organist Justin Bischof. The two of them played their part in a performance titled Double Concerto which was recorded in the city of Zurich in Switzerland. His musical performances are a regular feature on popular radio show titled Pipedreams and if you have ever heard of this show, then you surely must have heard his performances.
Ken Cowan is, at present, a faculty member at the Shepherd School of Music which the music school of Rice University where he passes on his immense knowledge about organ music as well as training future organists. Considering just how good he is, you can expect a number of great organists to come of the university in the future. He has also had the honor of playing his beloved organ at numerous churches throughout the United States and his performances are idolized by many living in this great country. You can see his live performances too by purchasing your cheap Ken Cowan tickets as soon as you possibly can.

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