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Veteran piano player Jeffery Siegel will be touring the country this season with his latest show, “Keyboard Conversations”. With this new style, he is hoping to separate himself from his otherwise traditional style of performing. He has had a particularly successful stint as a soloist and has gained a good reputation when he plays with orchestras. With his new project, he is going to use his talent to create a more laid back ambience where he would talk to the audience or comment on the different pieces that he is playing. This format was predominantly popular in the 1920s and carried on all the way to the time of World War II in cafes in the United States and in England. With the hope that this style would catch on with the modern audiences, Jeffery Siegel Keyboard Conversation tickets have gone on sale.

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About Jeffrey Siegel Keyboard Conversation

A Keyboard Conversation, despite what the name might suggest, is still mainly a concert where every piece and composition is played in its fullest. However, added to this is the element where the performer is allowed banter or to talk to the audience informally before beginning a song. In this way, he is able to talk about the piece itself, his experiences as a pianist, or display his various skills on the keyboard whilst explaining every aspect to the crowd. Through this the artist is able to create an experience which is much more personal than a typical concert. By talking one on one to his audience, the pianist is able to make the songs more meaningful.
A good part about Siegel’s show is that the event will not consist solely of monologues; he insists upon a two way communication. This is why he has enlisted a question and answer session as well, where anyone from the audience is invited to ask him anything from his life, his professional career, a particular composition, or to pick up pointers on piano playing itself. This kind of a format for a show has thus proven to be very popular among music enthusiasts who find this a wonderful opportunity to increase their knowledge of classical music. Not only this, but this is also an innovative and engaging concert for someone who is just recently getting into music of this kind.
The man behind the piano—Jeffery Siegel—is a distinguished performer who has been part of great orchestras all over the world. He has played with the “London Symphony”, the “Stockholm Philharmonic”, the “Berlin Philharmonic”, “The New York Philharmonic”, and the “Los Angeles Philharmonic” to name a few. He has also partnered with some of the most esteemed conductors in today’s world—David Zinman, Charles Dutoit, Pierre Boulez, and Klaus Tennstedt to name a few.
His upcoming touring show is a brand new endeavor for him, despite his extensive experience. This is the first time that he has been given a chance to show his personality along with his skill. But the captivating commentary that he has displayed so far and his deep insight on every piece that he performs has managed to impress the audiences. His love for his art form is reflected in his words. His fans will witness a new side to him. Where he would only quietly play before and not utter a word, he will now be talking to his fans, and in doing so, with be displaying his clever wit and humor. This will also be the first time that he is holding a show in an informal setting. This is in striking contrast to all the work that he has done before in which he played in black tie event with orchestras.
The main objective of Siegel for a show such as this is to restore the audience’s interest in classical music. He wants to keep the love of this music alive for he believes that it adds a dimension to people’s lives. Without it, a void is created which cannot be filled with anything else. Moreover, people have started to associate classical music with a more mature, and perhaps more posh gentry. With his shows, he wants to reach out to anyone and help them develop an appreciation for classical music. With a friendly atmosphere in tow, he is hoping to resemble a pop concert.
The show will be going to most major cities of America, including New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia and Phoenix. Jeffery Siegel Keyboard Conversation tickets for even more dates will be announced by his management soon.

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