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Hilary Hahn is an acclaimed violinist from Lexington in Virginia in the United States of America. Although she prefers to perform as a solo artist yet she also plays the chamber music. Hahn is a successful Grammy Award winning artist who as garnered a great fan following. Hahn was born on the 27th of November in 1979. She started her schooling when she was just three years old at the popular Peabody Institute which is located in Baltimore. By the time she was ten years old, she was enrolled into the Curtis Institute of Music which is in Philadelphia. In 1991, Hahn, effectively made her breakthrough orchestral debut in collaboration with the famous Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 16, Hahn had already signed a music recording contract with Sony Music in 1996. In May of 1999 she boomingly graduated from her university with a degree in Bachelor of Music. The main musical genre that she performs as a violinist is classical music. The violin that she uses to create her impeccable music is the 1864 J.B Vuillaume (a reproduction of the II Cannone Guarneri).

About Hilary Hahn

At the age of 16, Hilary Hahn signed up with Sony Music to a recording contract that was highly exclusive for a total of five recordings in a span of six years. Once the contract ended with Sony Music, instead of renewing her contract she went onto signing a recording deal in 2003 with Deutsche Grammophon as she and Sony Music did not concur on the future projects that she had in mind.
Hahn fruitfully performed with renowned orchestras like the New York Philharmonic, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra. In March of 2007, Hahn made a debut with the popular Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She also performed in the beautiful Vatican City as a member of the festivities for Pope Benedict XVI in collaboration with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2007. The conductor for this event was Gustavo Dudamel.
In 2005, Hilary Hahn was seen playing and extensively touring in a crossover duo with songwriter and singer Tom Brosseau and in 2007 she worked in partnership with the singer as well as songwriter named Josh Ritter. Apart from being a successful solo violinist, she has also been performing as a chamber artist. Hahn has been performing almost each year since 1992 with the Skaneateles Chamber Music Festival that takes place in Skaneateles in New York. For five years, amid 1995 and 2000, Hahn not only studied but also performed the popular chamber music at the known Marlboro Music Festival which is held at Vermont. For The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, she played as a musician and served as an active affiliate of the chamber music’s program of mentoring in 1996.
Well known for performing to sold out live music concerts of hers, Hahn is one of those musicians in the industry today that are really entertaining and super professional at delivering some of the finest live music shows ever. During her live shows, Hahn does expect an absolute hush from her audience. The reason for this as she explains it is the fact that it is not out of arrogance or the divine reverence for the music that she plays, but so that everyone in the audience and also the performers of the show can clearly hear the music.  If you are a fan of Hahn’s or a fan of being a part of a spectacular evening filled with remarkable live music then this is the finest opportunity for you to get your Hilary Hahn tickets and experience a world class event that will be memorable.
On the 14th of January in 2010, she gave a guest appearance at the known television show called The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, in order to support her recently released album titled as Bach: Violin & Voice. Subsequently, that album of her sold more the 1,000 copies and was charted at the number one slot on the acclaimed Billboard classical chart list. The album was also featured on the Billboard Classical Albums chart list at the number 6th position. By booking your cheap Hilary Hahn tickets today, we give you our word that you will enjoy a live music event that will be captivating and joyful for you and your loved ones.

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