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This world is full of artists but there are some who do their work for the sake of doing and not for fame or other motives and they are artists in the true sense of word. Hilary Hahn is one of those amazing artists who have brought music to new heights. Hilary Hahn, a violinist from Lexington, Virginia, showed marks of great success even at the age of 10 when she performed at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in 1991 and made her first recording contract with Sony Music in 1996 at the age of sixteen. She was regarded as America’s Best Classical Young Artist and has played in many prestigious orchestras like New York Philharmonic and Singapore Symphony Orchestra while she made her debut in 2007 with Chicago Symphony Orchestra.     


Hahn is a solo musician but she has also performed in Skaneateles Chamber Music Festival since 1992. She has released a number of studio albums under different labels and with different artist and each one was a gift for her fans. Hahn is on a US tour and will also be coming to San Francisco to amuse her fans there with her ever so popular live performances. Buy Hilary Hahn San Francisco tickets to watch this charming lady make magic with the strings of her violin. She will be performing at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco which is a place you will fall in love with. To secure a seat in Herbst Theatre, grab your Hilary Hahn San Francisco tickets now!


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A:Hilary Hahn Tickets once bought cannot be returned and no refund is allowed as it is not our company's policy.